Local researchers have identified 210 distinct varieties of Kesor Kol (a type of orchid) – via 5,000 specimens – and sent samples of 23 of them to Paris’ National Museum of Natural History for international identification and registration, according to an environment ministry statement.

This and other facts are being presented to the public during the April 7-9 third National Kesor Kol Forum at AEON Mall Phnom Penh (AEON I). The first two editions of the forum were held in 2020 and 2022.

Citing estimates from the Kesor Kol Sok An Phnom Kulen Research and Conservation Centre, the statement said Cambodia could have between 500 and 1,000 distinct varieties of these orchids.

The centre has received thousands of visitors, including diplomats, experts, trainees, and students from the Royal School of Administration.

The ministry and specialists are advocating for greater conservation efforts for the plants, and the former has held a number of activities seeking to give people a clearer understanding on how to better protect them.