Deaths caused by the collapse of a balcony at a housewarming party rose to three on Sunday, while nine people injured in Saturday’s incident in Sdoeung Chey commune’s Khna village in Kampong Cham province’s Cheung Prey district remained hospitalised.

The house owner and host of the party was identified as Srun Bros, deputy district police chief Yem Sophal told The Post on Sunday.

The victim who passed away immediately was identified as Nhil Pok, a 70-year-old woman from Khna village, while the two who died in hospital had yet to be identified.

“Bros built his own house as he is a house builder. He spent nearly two months building it at a cost of more than $10,000. I do not know what techniques he used on his house, but he has built others for people and there have been no problems with those."

“I do not know yet who is to take responsibility and pay compensation. The house owner is deeply saddened and we are further investigating,” he said.

Neither Prak Sarom, Sdoeung Chey commune chief, nor Lanh Leang, the commune’s police chief, nor Bros were available for comment on Sunday.

A Cheung Prey district police report said the balcony collapse occurred at 9:45am on Sunday. A 7mx12m wooden building and a metre-and-a-half area of concrete in front of the house were damaged in the incident, as was a tuk-tuk, a motorbike and a bicycle.