The Koh Kong provincial authority is currently seeking a solution to their landfill shortage, which is affecting Krong Khemarak Phoumin town, Mondul Seima and Koh Kong districts.

A meeting was convened on July 13 to address the issue, led by deputy provincial governor Orn Sothearith and attended by representatives from institutions linked to the issue.

According to the provincial administration, the situation in Krong Khemarak Phoumin has already turned into an environmental nuisance. An unwelcome mix of unpleasant odours and an influx of flies is plaguing surrounding areas due to the lack of a sufficient landfill.

Further compounding the issue, the existing landfill is cramped and the narrow, pothole-riddled road leading to it is far from ideal.

The districts of Mondul Seima and Koh Kong are not faring much better, with their waste collection services hampered due to the landfill shortage.

Following the meeting, authorities have started considering alternatives to address the situation. One such option is the exploration of a new landfill site located in Mondul Seima district. As an immediate measure, waste collection companies have been advised to redirect waste from Mondul Seima and Krong Khemarak Phoumin to this newly identified location.