Marking World Mental Health Day, TikTok unveils updates to its Digital Wellness Hub and launches new videos providing useful tips.

TikTok, marking World Mental Health Day this week, is reinforcing its commitment to fostering a safer space for mental health conversations with its latest in-app campaign, “Mental Well-Being Comes First”, and new updates to the Digital Wellness Hub.

Kyu Kyu Thein, public policy manager, Cambodia at TikTok, said the moves underscored the need for greater mental wellness support ecosystems among people over 18.

“While significant strides have been made to cultivate more robust mental health support systems, it is clear that we must do more to normalise talking about and tackling this issue.

“Everyone has their own unique story to tell when it comes to their mental health journey, and TikTok strives to be a space that continues to foster support networks and resources for all, allowing important conversations about well-being to truly thrive, and comfort and inspire users,” she said.

The “Mental Well-Being Comes First” campaign is geared towards raising awareness around mental well-being among the TikTok community and reinforcing available support systems.

With support helplines to local non-profit organisations and resources – such as TikTok’s well-being guide, comment filters and screen time management features – made available, users will be empowered to shape positive digital experiences for themselves.

Hashtags like #MentalWell-Being will also raise awareness around mental well-being conversations, and encourage the community to share their stories and experiences concerning their mental well-being.

In addition to these resources, TikTok is also providing an update to its Digital Wellness Hub – the existing one-stop portal that anchors all of its educational initiatives around mental well-being and cyber wellness – to further bolster its offerings

to the local community.

These include greater access to local support helplines and new videos – made in collaboration with Child

Helpline Cambodia, Arom Station, Cambodia 4.0 Center and the Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (TPO) – providing useful tips that promote mental well-being.

These initiatives boost TikTok’s existing safeguards tailored to support users’ mental health, including in-app well-being guides developed in consultation with experts.

TikTok is also continuing to take a two-pronged approach to address potentially harmful content on the platform, with measures to remove videos that go against the platform’s Community Guidelines and in-app tools that empower all users to block and report inappropriate content.