The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training has set August 16 for a yearly negotiation concerning the 2024 minimum wage for employees in the textile, garment, footwear, travel goods and bag sectors.

Minister Ith Samheng, who also chairs the National Council on Minimum Wage (NCMW), has invited trade unions in Cambodia to the pivotal meeting. Scheduled for August 16, the meeting is to take place at the ministry headquarters in Phnom Penh. The NCMW's third mandate, 2023-2024, will also be under discussion.

Far Saly, president of the National Trade Union Coalition (NTUC), expressed optimism upon receiving the invitation.

"We also hope that our workers' wages would be appropriate in the global economic and social context,” he said in a social media post.

Ath Thorn, president of the Cambodian Labour Confederation (CLC), confirmed his attendance for the upcoming meeting, noting that the negotiations would not conclude in a single session.

"Such talks should be held at least four to 10 times to yield results," he said.

During 2023, the set minimum wage for workers in the aforementioned sectors was $198. Prime Minister Hun Sen then contributed an additional $2, raising the monthly total to $200.