Just over a week away from the general election, Prime Minister Hun Sen encourages all Cambodians to cast their votes for their desired political parties and leaders.

He urged fellow citizens at the inauguration of a memorial monument for soldiers fallen in World War I held the morning of July 14.

Hun Sen said, "Compatriots, please vote for a political party that you believe will lead the country, ensuring peace and harmony amongst all races. The party should promise development across sectors, securing prosperity for the nation and its people, today and tomorrow”.

The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training has granted workers a three-day leave from July 22-24 to facilitate this, with all wages and benefits preserved.

The National Trade Union Coalition (NTUC) echoed the sentiment by issuing a letter urging members, workers, and all citizens to make their way to the polls.

NTUC president Far Saly emphasised the importance of each vote in the letter, saying, "Each vote is immensely valuable in fortifying democracy, the judiciary, the rule of law, and mechanisms for negotiating a minimum wage increase for workers in 2024”.

He continued, "We cast our ballots to shape our future, driving our nation towards development on par with neighbouring countries and the global community”.

The National Election Committee (NEC) announced that 18 political parties are lined up to participate in the election.

Voting is scheduled for Sunday, July 23, from 7 am to 3 pm. For eligibility, voters need to be registered on the voter lists and have valid ID cards or certified documents.