The reconstruction of 57km of National Road 2 is scheduled to start either next month or in December, Minister of Public Works and Transport Sun Chanthol said on Sunday.

Chanthol outlined the developments while leading officials from Takeo and Kampot provinces, as well as construction and technical advisers, to examine the reconstruction of National Road 3. The visit was to ensure higher standards of construction quality.

He said the reconstruction of the 57km stretch of road from Kandal’s Takhmao town south to O’Chambak, and the rebuilding of 9km of National Road 22 from O’Chambak west to Ang Ta Som, was set to start in November or December.

“We are preparing for the start of the reconstruction projects because rainy season is coming to an end. The Korean company will soon be sending machinery here. We are hoping work will begin in November or December.

“We are arranging a time for Prime Minister Hun Sen to preside over the inauguration ceremony for the reconstruction work on National Road 2,” Chanthol said.

Opening ceremonies are also planned for the completed National Road 21 from Takhmao town to Chrey Thom, on the Vietnamese border, and National Road 55 from Pursat town out to Thma Da.

Kong Sovann, road safety expert and technical adviser at the Ministry of Rural Development, declined to comment to The Post on Sunday.

Keo Chan Dara, who lives along National Road 2, said he welcomed the plans as the volume of traffic is currently very high and the road is riddled with potholes.

“I was very happy when I heard about the planned reconstruction because we now face difficulties using the road. It is only a small road but many large lorries use it.

“There are also many people selling goods on the pavements, which adds to the congestion. We ask the government to start the rebuilding work as soon as possible,” he said.

The project is being funded by a $56 million grant from the South Korean government, with the Cambodian government stumping up more than $8 million.

Korea-based Hanshin Engineering and Construction Co Ltd has been awarded the licence for the reconstruction of National Road 2.