During a seven-day period from October 1-7, the National Election Committee (NEC) reported 74,291 new voter registrations across the nation as part of the 2023 voter registration and verification process.

As per its October 8 press release, 66,815 individuals will be removed from the voter list; 7,121 have requested corrections to their personal information; and 15,467 have relocated to new communes.

On October 7 alone, 14,016 new voters were registered; 6,296 were removed; 1,315 requested corrections; and 2,818 relocated to new communes.

The press release explained that voter list revision and registration in communes will continue until October 19, including weekends.

During this period, citizens can verify their names on the latest voter list in their respective commune, on the website voterlist.nec.gov.kh, or via the NEC KH mobile app.

If discrepancies are discovered that do not align with valid national identity cards, applicants may request corrections from the voter registration team.

The NEC encourages all Cambodians who have not previously registered to vote, those who turned 18 as of December 31 or those who have relocated to new communes to register for voting at their current residence.

NEC spokesman Som Sorida stated on October 8 that the process had proceeded smoothly during the seven days, despite facing inclement weather. He noted that flooding did not impede the process as voter registration teams had found safe locations for citizens to register to vote.

“The NEC has reported over 10,000 new daily registrations from all capitals and provinces. We anticipate over 280,000 new registrations this year and aim to stay on track with the NEC’s updated data,” he said.

Sam Kuntheamy, executive director of the NGO Neutral and Impartial Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia (NICFEC), noted on October 8 that the past seven days of voter revision and registration proceeded smoothly.

However, he said the NEC’s communication about this year’s voter revision and registration remains limited, with information not fully reaching all citizens.

He urged the NEC to expand its communication efforts to ensure wider participation in the process.

As per the NEC, during the voter registration and verification at communes across the country, commune councils are required to temporarily close the registration office for one meeting with the voter registration team to verify the progress.

The meeting is set for October 14.