The Phnom Penh Municipal Hall on Saturday announced that Phnom Penh residents must pay rubbish collection fees electronically.

Dangkor Dumpsite Management Committee director Keo Channarith said on Sunday that the decision comes as waste collection fees are removed from electricity invoices issued by Cambodian national utility company Electricite du Cambodge (EdC), following an order from Prime Minister Hun Sen in October.

Channarith said the fees would remain largely unchanged – at $1 per average household, as was set in 1996.

Residents can pay their dues via payment service providers such as Acleda Bank Plc, Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank, e-money, Ly Hour Pay Pro Plc, Pi Pay and True Money, he said.

Transaction fees will range between 500 and 800 riel ($0.12 and $0.20) per transaction, with an annual payment option available, he added.

“When paying at the various payment agents, residents can just use their ID code from previous electricity invoices.

“I hope that residents and all those who produce rubbish take part in promoting a culture of participation and maintain hygiene, the environment and further beautify Phnom Penh.”

The fees must be paid between the first and 15th day of each month, or else fines will be incurred, Channarith said. Business owners are liable to lose their licences if they fail to comply.

Community Sanitation and Recycling Organisation executive director Heng Yon Kora welcomed the reform but said many residents do not understand the procedure properly.

“Many residents will find it difficult to pay them [waste collection fees] via the system because their knowledge remains limited,” he said.

He called on residents to separate their rubbish to make things easier for the collectors and recyclers.

Hong Senghan, a resident of Meanchey district, said he had seen the order, but that he had never paid his waste collection fees electronically. He had always paid via EdC.

“I don’t know yet how to pay them electronically. Maybe I’ll just have to ask someone about the process,” he said.

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