The governors of several provinces have appealed for people to excise increased caution this dry season, warning that heavy rains and thunderstorms may endanger people or damage houses.

With high temperatures throughout the season, health officials also advised people to drink more than two litres of water a day, even if they don’t feel thirsty.

Pailin provincial governor Ban Sreymom visited 179 families whose homes were destroyed by thunderstorms in the province. She brought them relief materials, and offered some advice to local residents.

“To guarantee your safety and happiness, you must exercise increased caution in case of natural disasters. Early, unseasonal rains and thunderstorms can be dangerous,” she said.

She recommended that they report any emergencies to local authorities as soon as possible, so assistance could be provided promptly.

Battambang provincial governor Sok Lou, who also heads the provincial branch of the Cambodian Red Cross, led a team

of officials to an April 1 meeting with 72 families who were victims of rainstorms in Pichr Chenda and O’Romduol communes of Phnom Proek district.

During the visit, he reminded the people that this is a very dry and hot season, but that when it rains, it will bring thunderstorm and lightning strikes.

“You should take appropriate measures to keep yourselves safe,” he said.

Or Vandine, Ministry of Health spokeswoman, also shared some advice with the public.

“The weather is getting hotter. I urge everyone to take care of their health. Make sure you drink more than two litres of water every day, whether you feel thirsty or not. Do not stand in direct sunlight for too long,” she said.