On July 14, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport conducted a workshop on the Education Financial Management System (EFMS). This automatic system simplifies financial management for public schools with the ultimate goal of improving the Kingdom’s education sector.

Education Minister Hang Chuon Naron presided over the workshop at the Hotel Cambodiana in Phnom Penh, which was attended by 160 relevant officials.

The ministry revealed that the EFMS streamlines various aspects of financial management, including finance allocation, expenditure tracking, financial reporting, teacher training, and accounting and material reports for public schools.

The system is currently in use by education administrations and institutions nationwide.

"The system's launch aligns with our commitment to transformation and the enhancement of the educational sector. We have identified eight focal points," Chuon Naron declared during the event.

He urged participants to utilise this system and contribute further feedback. This would enable the Ministry's technical team to refine the system, ensuring it accurately meets user needs.