The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, along with the World Bank (WB), announced their commitment to expanding cooperation for the sustainable development of Cambodia’s water resources sector.

This affirmation came during a September 26 meeting between minister Thor Chetha and a WB delegation led by Mariam Sherman, country director for Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

Chetha expressed gratitude for the ongoing collaboration and recognised the significant partnership between the ministry and the WB in the area of long-term water resource development in Cambodia.

He highlighted that with the support and collaboration of the WB, the ministry has been actively involved in the Cambodia Agricultural Sector Diversification Project (CASDP) and is in the process of preparing for the Cambodia Water Security Improvement Project (CWSIP).

“Our primary focus is on enhancing institutional and human resource development. The WB serves as a valuable knowledge centre and a trusted partner in assisting the ministry in realising its vision,” he said.

Sherman responded by stressing the importance of water resources development.

“The World Bank will maintain and enhance collaboration in Cambodia’s water resource development to foster further progress,” she stated.

Phon Sokun, a member of the Cambodian Water Supply Association (CWA), expressed his support on September 27 for increased collaboration between the ministry and international development partners.

“I trust that this collaboration will enable individuals in the clean water sector to make use of reservoirs and confront climate change challenges by offering them water management expertise. Educating the populace about clean water usage also contributes to the enhancement of the skills of national and sub-national water resources authorities for continued advancement,” he remarked.

During the meeting, the ministry also sought WB assistance for projects aimed at enhancing national policy, building institutional capacity at both national and sub-national levels, initiatives focused on rehabilitating and reorganising water resources and irrigation infrastructure, and enhancing the management of water resources in the Mekong Delta for the sake of long-term sustainability.

To ensure the successful implementation of the project, Chetha introduced the ministry’s new working group comprised of experts from the technical department who have prior experience in managing development partner projects with the WB. He also requested their collaboration for the project’s success.