The Ministry of Health warned of an outbreak of Covid-19 during Valentine's Day on February 14, amid an already rapid spread of Omicron in recent days.

In a notice on February 11, it said Cambodian youth normally gather to celebrate the event, although it is not a Cambodian tradition.

The ministry said gathering could lead to a spread of the virus in the community on a large scale.

“The ministry reminds the public, especially youth, to remain vigilant against Covid-19, which is already circulating in our community, and to follow health measures thoroughly,” the notice said.

It said Omicron cases have mostly been detected among youths who get together and fail to follow preventive measures correctly.

“Youths can transmit Omicron to their family back home, especially to members with chronic illness or those in old age who can easily develop severe symptoms and get hospitalised, or eventually succumb to the disease,” it said.

Instead of putting their family and the community at risk, the ministry said youths should be the one who take part in preventing the virus spreading and breaking the transmission chain.

The ministry encouraged the media and authorities at sub-national levels to step up their efforts in disseminating educational messages and raising awareness about how the virus spread in their locality to prevent an outbreak.