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Police blotter: 02 october 1998

Police blotter: 02 october 1998


Sept 4: A farmer, Khoeung Ry,

37, was shot dead with AK-47 in his house in Peang Rong

commune, Prey Veng district, Prey Veng. Police suspect

revenge is the motive because the victim's property was

not stolen in the incident.

Sept 6: A gold dealer, Sok Kheng, 35, was shot in her

abdomen and seriously injured in Russei Keo district when

two robbers stole her hand bag in which her jewelry worth

about $6000 was kept.

Sept 6: Chhin Vuthy, 29, was shot dead with AK-47 by San

Ly, 30, in a rice field in Ponhea Krek district, Kampong

Cham. A witness said he saw Vuthy talking with Ly in the

field just before the shooting. Police said both men were

bad elements in the area. Ly escaped after the incident.

Sept 6: Chrou Bunthoeung, 21, was beheaded by Hoeun Mao,

38, in a banana field in Arei Ksath commune, Lovear Em

district, Kandal for stealing Mao's banana. Bunthoeung's

father said he would not file law suit against Mao

because he knew that his son was a thief.

Sept 7: Three unidentified robbers were beaten to death

by villagers after they robbed a motor taxi driver in

Roleang Krel commune, Samrong Tong district, Kampong


Sept 7: A policeman, Sam Mean, 43, was beaten on the back

of his head to death while he was riding his motorbike to

work in Krang Yov commune, Sa Ang district, Kandal.

Police said it appeared to be a revenge killing because

the victim's property was not stolen. The criminal

escaped after the incident.

Sept 7: Chan Sambath, 32, was beaten to death by his

friend, Som Siphan, 30, in Prek Pra commune, Mean Chey

district. A local newspaper reported that Sambath and

Siphan had conflicted with each other about politics

while drinking.

Sept 9: Yem Touch,40, was shot dead with an AK-47 by her

son-in-law, Ker Thy, 31 in Srolob commune, Tbaung Khmum

district, Kampong Cham. After he shot Touch dead, Thy

also shot and seriously injured his wife and child. The

local authority said that Thy killed his mother-in-law to

end a conflict which he had always had with her. Thy

escaped after the incident.

Sept 10: Minh Lon, 50, was chopped on his head with an

axe and killed by Ly Heng, 34, in Tek Vel commune, Sa Ang

district, Kandal. A local newspaper reported that Lon was

having sex with Ly Heng's wife at the time of chopping.

Ly Heng escaped after the incident.

Sept 10: Chen Chan, 50, was instantly killed by an

explosion of a rocket which he had hit while digger a

hole to plant bamboo near his house in Krovieng commune,

Memot district, Kampong Cham.

Sept 14: Khy Tong, 18, and Chou Channa, 6, were shot and

stabbed to death by a robber who stole Tong's motorbike

in Svay Chreah commune, Snoul district, Kratie. Police

said they knew the identity of the criminal and plan to

now arrest him .

Sept 14: Chrong Chreng, 45 was shot dead with AK-47 by

his wife, Binh Kdept, 43, while he was sleeping in his

house in O'Rain Ov district Kampong Cham. Kdept, who was

arrested immediately after the incident, said she was

very angry with her husband who always beat her when he

was drunk.

Sept 16: A Vietnamese prostitute, Ngyen Thyouk, 21, was

shot and seriously injured in the thigh at a brothel in

Svay Pak commune, Russei Keo district after she refused

to have sex with her customer, Ngyen Thanhong, 29 because

he was very drunk. Thanhong was arrested after the


Sept 16: Two employees of the Inter-Continental Hotel

were shot as they were riding on a motorbike through Toul

Kork district.

Sept 16: Sourn Sophan, 24 was killed while Bou Rotha, 25,

was seriously injured by the unidentified assailants. The

motivation for the killing is not known.

Sept 16: Iv Ker, 25, was shot dead by unidentified

robbers who stole his motorbike on Street 161 in O'Russey

2 precinct, 7 Makara district. The robbers escaped after

the incident.

Sept 16: A body of an unidentified man was found in a

pond in Phnom Penh Thmei precinct, Russei Keo district by

a fisherman. The victim was shot and weighted with stone

and dumped into the pond.

Sept 16: Nat Roeung, 28, was shot dead with AK-47

while she was sleeping in her house in Chok commune,

O'Raing Ov district, Kampong Cham. The motivation for the

killing is not known.

Sept 17: Chey Odom was shot dead while he was riding his

motorbike on Street 150, Tek Loak 2 precinct, Toul Kork

district. The motivation for the killing is not known.

Sept 17: A couple, Im Heng, 35, and Puth Sopheng, 19,

were shot dead with AK-47 in their house in Sambour Meas

commune, Kam-pong Cham district, Kampong Cham. Police

said this crime is a robbery because the victim's

motorbike was stolen.

Sept 18: Mao Thieng, 31, was shot dead while he was

sleeping in a hammock in Kor commune, Tbaung Khmum

district, Kam-pong Cham.

Sept 20: Chan Chel, 52, was stabbed to death by Dos Sam

Ath, 46 in Svay Proteal commune, Sa Ang district, Kandal.

Sam Ath, who was arrested immediately, said he was angry

because Chel slapped him and he could not stop himself

from returning the fatal blow on the victim's chest.

Sept 21: Soy Khet, 28, committed suicide by drinking

insecticide in Svay Chrom commune, Ksach Kandal district,

Kandal. A close friend of the victim said that Khet was

upset after he learned that his wife had committed


Sept 22: Dock Ouch was shot dead with an AK-47 in Prey

Romdol commune, Phnom Srouch district, Kampong Speu while

he was returning from complaining to the chief of commune

that his motorbike was stolen in his village.

Sept 22: A motor taxi driver, Chi Vanno, 25, was chopped

to death by Thoeung in #1 precinct, Mittapheap district,

Sihanouk Ville in an attempt to steal 80,000 Riels ($20)

from the victim.

Sept 24: Yoeung Phy, 28, was strangled to death in Eden

Guest House in Kampong Cham town. The police said this

crime was a robbery because a victim's necklace, which

worth about $150, was stolen.

Sept 28: An unidentified motor taxi driver was shot by a

group of three boys, Tom Rady, 16, Chhem Sopha, 16, and

Khy Sokun, 16 on Street 360 in Boeung Kenkang 1 precinct,

Chamkar Mon district. The boys were arrested 30 minutes



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