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Police Blotter: 12 February 1993

Police Blotter: 12 February 1993

Main Security Events In 1992

The following listing of major crimes of 1992 is translated from the Jan. 26

edition of the People's Police Newspaper [Nokobal Pracheachun]

Feb. 8: Neth Sineang, a 34-year-old armed robber, was arrested by Takeo police.

Two months later five other offenders and the ring leader of Sineang's gang were

respectively captured and killed by the Phnom Penh police. 2 K54s, one K59 handgun

and a motorcycle were confiscated.

In Feb.: The Phnom Penh police arrested four armed robbers, capturing four

AK rifles, two handgrenades, and a large number of motorcycles and robbing equipment.

Apr. 13 & 18: Kompong Speu police arrested two armed robbers who used

to rob people's houses and loot cars on Highway 4, seizing four AKs and one CKC gun.

Yim Rim, one of the offenders, said they had conducted four robberies in which they

shot and wounded a civilian, stolen a motorcycle, a TV, 20 cartons of cigarettes,

100,000 Thai baht, 110,000 riel and 10 bottles of sandal wood juice worth 400 grams

of gold.

Apr. 23: Phnom Penh police arrested seven armed robbers, confiscating two

handguns and a number of robbing tools. This gang had robbed people 18 times of 16


Apr. 23 (4:30 p.m.): UNTAC police in cooperation with Banteay Meanchey police

arrested a German, Mek Andrea, who was charged with stealing ancient things from


May 8: A 34-year-old Phnom Penh man was arrested in Banteay Meanchey after

he killed Sok Dara, his brother-in-law.

May 16: Banteay Meanchey police arrested Chan Tom, a 35-year-old, Khmer-born

Thai man, who had shot and killed a Khmer man in Monkol Borey while the former was


May 16: Kien Svay district police, arrested four offenders who had jointly

killed 60 year-old Men Neang.

In May: Ngyuen Thi Hoc Ngan, a 22 year-old Vietnamese girl was arrested by

Prey Veng police, because she had killed a five-year-old Vietnamese girl to get her

gold earrings.

In May: Kandal Stung district police in Kandal province arrested a son and

father who had killed a 22-year-old-girl, because she knew their bad history during

the Khmer Rouge period.

May 19: A 55-year-old woman and 28-year-old man were arrested by police, because

the two people had beaten to death crying Lay Sokha, who had the man's 2-year-old

step daughter.

May 19: Svay Rieng police arrested 21-year-old Svay Rieng policeman Prak Sareth,

who had-because of his wicked routine behavior-shot and killed 47-year-old Mao Him,

and shot and wounded his own mother in both legs.

May 20-31: Battambang police arrested and confined five economic saboteurs-two

of whom were Khmer Rouge soldiers-along with 114 five-hundred Thai baht notes with

the same numbers.

June 8: Preah Sihanoukville police arrested 43-year-old Yin Hean, who stabbed

and killed 40-year-old Sok Keo with a knife while the former was getting drunk.

June 13: Ouk Chanta, a 28-year-old convict just released from prison, was

beaten to death by people in Chamkamon district, Phnom Penh, because he had pointed

a K54 handgun at a motorcycle driver with an attempt to rob his motorcycle. Two days

later, the police arrested Sem Vimean, Ouk Chanta's partner.

In June: Takeo police investigated and arrested a group of 7 armed robbers

who robbed people eight times. Two Honda motorcycles and a PO8 handgun were confiscated.

June 18: 23-year-old Pak Paly, charged with ten armed robberies and five thefts,

was arrested by Phnom Penh police.

June 24: Phnom Penh police arrested Pon Ty, a 29 year-old robber charged with

11 armed robberies and 9 stealings.

June 26: four armed robbers and a guy charged with buying and selling stolen

things were arrested by National Security Ministry police.

July 17: 52-year-old Nak Chamroeun, who had just been released from prison

on May 23, 1992, was re-arrested while trying to rob a motorcycle, using AK 54 handgun.

July 19: Kandal police arrested Un Ty, a 21-year-old offender charged with

fraud. Then, the police tried to capture Mom Poas, Ty's partner. But when they approached

Poas's house, Mom Pat, Poas's brother, took out an AK rifle and fired at the police.

Policeman Un Bunarath was shot and killed, and Mon Pat was arrested to be tried at

the court.

July 20: Kompong Chhnang police arrested three armed robbers, seizing two

AK rifles.

In July: Following a three-month investigation, Kompong Chhnang police arrested

murderer Sours Roeun, who had stabbed and killed a man with a knife.

Aug. 8: Kompong Cham police arrested two robbers who had jointly used sticks

to hit and kill Bourn Sok Nan in Ponhea Krek district, Kompong Cham, with the aim

of robbing his motorcycle.

Aug. 11: 35-year-old Valon and 24-year-old Chea Khan, charged with eight armed

robberies and three stealings, were arrested by the criminal police of the Security


Aug. 19: Kompong Cham police arrested Sin Sles, a 50- year-old Cham man, because

he had cut and killed his wife with a machete to get her two-gram gold ring.

Aug. 26: Thorn Seng, a 32-year-old man who had collaborated on the killing

of Chhun Ty on Aug. 12, 1992 to rob his motorbike, was arrested by the criminal police

of the National Security Ministry.

Aug. 27: (2:30 a.m.) a patrol team of Khan 7 Makara police, Phnom Penh, caught

sight of a gang of armed robbers and had a fight with them. During the attack, Ngyuen

Van Ninh, a 30-year-old Vietnamese man who had just been released from prison, was

shot and killed.

Aug. 23-29: Prey Veng police arrested three armed robbers, confiscating an

AK rifle, AK 15 gun and a handgrenade.

Sept. 15: Ko and 28-year-old Ory Eng Long were killed and arrested respectively

by Security Ministry police. Long confessed that they had so far conducted 13 robberies.

An AK 59 handgun and a Honda 100 motorcycle were captured from the offenders.

Sept. 19: Prey Veng police arrested 40-year-old Soeung Raksmey, who had stabbed

and killed a person in 1986 and was this time attempting to throw a bomb into police

headquarters in Ba Phnom district, Svay Rieng.

Sept. 25: Phnom Penh police arrested eight drug runners.

Sept. 27: Police in Stung Mean Chey district, Phnom Penh, respectively killed

and arrested Mey Chan Ny and 29- year-old Ben Heng while the two offenders were carrying

out their robbing activities. An AK 59 handgun, AK rifle, handgrenade and an Akira

motorcycle were confiscated.

Oct. 1: Phnom Penh police arrested two car looters, 31- year-old. San Didi

and 36-year-old Mey Sameath.

Oct. 2-3: Phnom Penh police respectively killed and arrested Chan Cham Roeun

and his four other armed robber partners, confiscating two handguns. The group was

just released from prison, before which time they had conducted three robberies.

In Oct. City police and military collaborated on arresting two armed robbers-19-year-old

Sourn Vet, charged with 10 robberies and two stealings, and Chea Chan Thorn, charged

with seven robberies. During the operation, the offenders fired back at the police

and military forces, killing a civilian and military.

Oct. 5: 28-year-old Neth Many, who had conducted three successful motorcycle

robberies, with AK 59 handgun was arrested.

Oct. 12: Kandal police arrested Sun Sarith and Pim Sopheap, who had robbed

and killed Mao on Oct. 8 to get his motorcycle.

Oct. 15: Armed robber Om Sothea was arrested by Phnom Penh police. The offender

confessed that he and his 10 other partners had conducted 17 armed robberies, during

which they killed one person, and successfully stole 16 motorcycles and a Toyota


Nov. 11: Armed robber Pak Paly who had escaped from prison T3, was shot and

killed while he was trying to fire back at the Phnom Penh police. One AK 59 handgun,

handcuffs and a Honda motorcycle were captured.

Nov. 11: Police in Mean Chey district, Phnom Penh, arrested Dong Chanta-a

collaborator of armed robber Nhem Heng's so-called 33-year-old gang-who shot and

killed a policeman earlier.

Nov. 17: In response to request of the US Embassy in Cambodia, the National

Security Ministry police arrested and confined American nationality Alan Goetch,

whom the federal police had for along time been trying to find and capture, because

of his involvement in too many legal scams, bogus bamboozlements and other nefarious

shenanigans. One K54 handgun, a Praha, three handgrenades and a number of things

were confiscated.

Nov. 17: Police in Kien Svay district, kandal, arrested two young lady criminals,

who had poisoned an old woman until death to get her gold.

Nov. 21: Phnom Penh police arrested 23 year-old Ngeth Thouch, who had murdered

his cousin sister Chim Mon on Nov. 17 to get her gold and diamonds.

Nov. 28-30: Phnom Penh police launched an operation to capture a gang of armed

robbers who had escaped from prison. Offenders Nhem Heng and Koy Mao were killed,

and Pon Ty and Hom Moang of the gang were arrested. During the operation, four handguns,

one M16 and two motorcycles were captured.

Dec. 5: Commission to combat armed robbers in Prey Veng launched a campaign

to clean up armed robbers along the borders of three districts-Me Sang, Prey Veng

and Bar Phnom. A gang of 19 robbers were arrested 21 rifles, 11 handgrenades and

some other things were captured.

Dec. 16: Police in Mean Chey and Kien Svay districts, Kandal, killed Vietnamese

robber Ngyuen Van Ninh and arrested four others of his gang. The gang robbed people

of approximately 50 grams of gold, 2.3 million riel and two motorcycles. The police

confiscated one motorcycle and AK 59 handgun.

- Translated by Moeun Chhean Nariddh


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