Police Blotter: 13 June 1997

Police Blotter: 13 June 1997



May 23: Seven people were killed and eight others wounded in fighting between

navy sailors and army soldiers after they had an argument with each other at the

Angdong Toak gun checkpoint Koh Kong Province. Three of them were civilians. Yean

Savom said that the Navy checkpoint men seized an AK47 without a license from the

soldiers and did not give it back because it was night time But other sources said

that they had an argument at a drinking restaurant.


May 23: Houv Thy Yoeung, 30, was killed by her husband Ngean Yang Hong

who stabbed her at 2:15 am at a brothel in Kompong Chhnang, after they had an argument

about the husband giving credit to a customer. The offender escaped with a motorcycle,

gold and some money. He lied to his mother in-law saying that he needed the gold

and money to buy blood to save his wife's life in the hospital.

May 24: Six teenagers were arrested by military police at the Boeung Snou

gun check point after one of them stole a motorcycle from their family and escaped

from home.

May 24: You Thoneary, 41 was gunned down by unidentified men riding a motorcycle,

shooting three bullets into her when she was in front of the Beauty Inn Hotel on

on Sihanouk Blvd at 9:15 am. Police said that the incident was prompted by malice.

The offenders escaped without robbing her.

May 26: Nou Chan,23, was killed by unidentified men who bludgeoned him

10 times with a hatchet when he was picking up recyclables at a rubbish dump.

May 27: Yem sida,17, a monk, was seriously injured when he attempted to

commit suicide by eating tablets when he was disappointed that his Parents did not

believe him. The sources said that the victim was a gang member before he became

a monk. The incident took place at Wat Langka.

May 28: Klen Sokunthea, 28 - a teacher - committed suicide by hanging herself

at 9:30 am in Preh Ponleu commune Serey Sophan district, Banteay Meanchey province.

Nobody knew what was wrong with her.

May 28: Three gun-robbers- Sou Vuth, 27, Teng Sreang, 25 and Ly Lin, 19-were

arrested by police at 12: 30 am in Sangkat Dem Kor, Khan Chamcarmon. The robbers

confessed that they had robbed people in the town seven times. Police seized one

Ak-47 and two motorcycles.

May 28: Neang Savan, 30, was killed by a bolt of lightning in her kitchen

when the rain started at 5 pm in Tachour village, Kompong Ros district, Svay Rieng

province. Khem Loch, a senior Military police officer, said that so far this month

two people have died from lightning in Svay Rieng Province: one was Neang Vai, 24

and another one was Ouk Ratan, 10, at Veachea village Romeas Hak district .

May 28: Seven people were seriously injured in a traffic accident when

a taxi drove too fast and hit a remok that carried all of the victims on National

route 1 in Prey Phnauv village, Chan Tria district, Svay Rieng province. The driver

was arrested.

May 29: Mom Vuthda, 40, a deputy criminal policeman of the Interior Ministry,

was gunned down by four men when he came home. The sources said they had some arguments

with Chan Thoeun, who is a soldier living next door. The offenders appeared at Chan

Thoeun's house. The incident took place at Sangkat Boeung Kok I, Khan Toul Kok. The

offenders escaped with the victim's property.

May 29: Chea Phat, 43, was seriously injured by robbers wearing camouflage

uniforms, who robbed his motorcycle when he came home at 7:30 pm in Boeung Prayab

village, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey Khan Russey Keo.

May 30: Two robbers- Long Lyna, a policeman and Kham Phay, 27 a military

policeman-were sent to court for robbing Chauv Sosan a Taiwanese man. The two were

arrested by police on May 25 at 9: 30 pm near #47B St.221 Sangkat Psar Depo II. The

offenders confessed that they taken up robbing people a few times before.

Jun 1: Art, 45, was killed by his second wife who stabbed him twice in

the chest after an argument and fighting with each other. the incident took place

at #26B Sangkat Tuok Laok Khan tuol Kok. The offender escaped.

Jun 2: An unidentified burglar was killed by a company security guard when

the he tried to steal a car part at 3:30 am at Meng Heng Company in Sangkat Olympic,

Khan Chamcarmon. The other two burglars escaped.

Jun 1: Sem Phea, 17, was arrested by police after he raped an 11-yearold

girl on May 31 and killed her after she cried and said she would tell her parents.

The incident took place at Kompong Phnom commune, Kandal province.

Jun 2: Lim Machan, 61, a Chinese man, died in his bathroom in room 505

of the Pailin hotel said he had a fainting spell (due especially to lack of oxygen


Jun 2: Sem Lon, 25, was gunned down by militiamen after the victim beat

another militiaman unconscious when asked to be searched at a checkpoint in Lavia

Am district, Kandal province. The militiaman came himself to the police base to report

his act and was arrested.

Jun 4: Two people attempted to commit suicide by taking sleeping tablets

in different places in Phnom Penh: Tep Maly, 23 a former Royal cigarette seller,

nobody know what was wrong with her, and Chan Dara, 19 after she was disappointed

with her husband.

Jun 4: Thy, 25, was seriously injured when she jumped from a motorcycle

that was used to kidnap and sell her. she became suspicious when she heard the pimp

speak on a phone about how to handle her at Chroy Changva bridge. The incident took

place in front of Calmette hospital.

Jun 4: Hem chantha, 37, committed suicide by hanging herself at noon in

her house in Ketomiala hospital after she lost all her money gambling in the Holiday


Jun 5: Sem Chhuk, 45 and Nan,29, policemen, were seriously injured in a

traffic accident in front of the Interior Ministry on Norodom Blvd. An eyewitness

said that Chhuk drove his bike from the Interior Ministry carrying a sack of rice

across the road and was hit by Nan who drove a bike too fast on Norodom Blvd.

Jun 7: Fifty houses burned down in different places in Phnom Penh. One

fire, in Sangkat Tonle Bassac at 7:45 am, was caused by a short circuit from Choeng

Yam's house. The other blaze, at 2:30 am on June 8, in Sangkat Tuak Laok III, was

caused by a candle put too close to the wall. Nobody got hurt. The hose owners escaped.

- Summarized from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap and Rasmei Kampuchea by Bou



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