Police Blotter: 15 October 1999

Police Blotter: 15 October 1999


October 1: Prak Sophea, 27, was shot dead at 9:30 pm by two robbers who

took his motorbike while he was drinking sugar cane juice at Independence Park in

Phnom Penh. Police said the victim, who is a security guard, was shot twice in the

head with a K-54 handgun, and died immediately.

October 1: Soeu Thach, 37, was arrested for raping a woman he was staying

with at a guest house in Boeng Raing commune, Phnom Penh. Police said the woman's

husband made the rape complaint to the court. However Soeu Thach, who is a security

guard from Cambodian Rehabilitation Community, told police that he was invited to

the guest house by the woman, who wanted to borrow $2,000.

October 3: Ma Sreirouth, 6, was found stabbed to death in a forest about

150 meters from National Road 4 in Mitapheap district, Sihanoukville. Police said

the victim was the daughter of a local fisherman, Ma Pok. They said she was stabbed

once in her head by an unidentified neighbor who stole her necklace and two pairs

of earrings.

October 3: Cheang Liang Heng, 27, a moto-taxi driver, was sent to Calmette

hospital immediately after he suddenly lost consciousness at 6:00 am in Psah Kandal

1 precinct, Phnom Penh. Doctors said the victim had been drugged with sleeping pills

by his acquaintances who then stole his motorbike.

October 3: Noeu Deas, 20, was electrocuted at noon while he and another

man were fixing an electrical wire to a pump at an ice factory in Chamkar Ovlak village,

Dongkor district, Phnom Penh. Police said that Thon, who was suspected of murdering

Deas, was arrested immediately after the incident.

October 3: Som Dy, 18, a thief, was beaten and seriously injured at 10:15

am by people while he was stealing a window glass from a Camry car in the Wat Phnom

precinct. Police said the thief was immediately sent to Calmette hospital after the

incident, however a doctor there said the thief would probably die from his injuries.

October 4: Chea Sreimom, 30, a clerk from Phnom Penh Municipal Court, was

robbed of her motorbike at 11:40 am as she was arriving at her house in Psah Thmey

3 precinct. The victim's mother, Ung Khin, was shot with a K-54 handgun as she tried

to seek help from a neighbor.
October 4: Two robbers, Ken Kosal, 30, and Mon Nath, 21, were beaten to death

at 6:40 pm by local people after they were caught stealing a motorbike in front of

Kook Banh Chorn pagoda, Dongkor district. Police said that an unidentified moto-taxi

driver was rescued by policemen, who confiscated a K-54 handgun, and one motorbike.

October 4: Gold sellers Sun Sophat, 32, and Phau Chanthou, 30, were robbed

at 6:00 pm while returning home to Phoum Thmey precinct, Mean Chey district. The

four robbers, who were armed with two K-54 handguns, escaped safely with 40 domleung

of gold, $2,000 and 2 million riels.

October 5: Chang Vouchhy, 30, a Taiwanese national, was robbed at 10:30

am by unidentified offenders who took $220,000 while he and five others were going

in a car toward their Chu Hsing factory in Prek Liab commune, Russey Keo district.

Seven robbers who had guns fitted with silencers robbed the victims while they were

returning to take money from their main office near Canadia Bank.

October 5: Bit Sokhapal, 40, was beaten and seriously injured at 7:30 pm

by neighbors after he threw a grenade to kill a person who was coming to make love

to his estranged wife. The incident happened in Thnoat Chrum village, Phnom Penh.

At least seven people were seriously wounded in the explosion. Police said the victim

and his wife had split up a year ago and she was now involved with another man.

October 5: Three gangsters Lak Ly, 30, Pon Vy, 19, and Huy Hien, 21, were

arrested after raping two girls at a rice-field in Sra Yau commune, Steung Sen district,

Kampong Thom. Police said that the offenders coaxed the girls to go for a walk then

raped them as they were returning.

October 6: Sai Leang Cheng, 19, a student, was robbed of her motorbike

at 1:45 pm while she was riding on Mao Tse Tung Blvd in Tomnop Teuk commune, Chamcarmon

district. Police said the two robbers, Bun Chanthan, 20, and Heng Sambath, 21, had

a K-59 handgun. They were arrested immediately after incident.

October 6: Yem Pich, 37, a moto-taxi driver, was shot at 7:30 pm with a

K-54 handgun and seriously wounded while he was changing money from a traveler who

is a Vietnamese robber in Boeng Keng Kang 3 precinct. Police said the victim, who

was shot twice in his thighs, was sent to the hospital.

October 10: Kim Leng, 42, a moto-taxi driver, was seriously injured in

an accident with a truck at 4:00 pm while he was riding on National Road 2 in Prek

Tanu village precinct, Mean Chey district, out side the city. Police said the victim

died after being sent to hospital. The truck driver escaped safely.

October 10: A brigadier general in the Ministry of Interior , Kun Som Oeun,

was shot at 10:30 pm and seriously wounded while he was drinking beer with colleagues

at a local restaurant in Psah Kandal 1 precinct. Police said the victim was shot

once in the chest by Phnom Penh Criminal Police official Leang Chhau during an exchange

of words. The victim was sent to the Russian hospital.

October 10: Chan Siphat, 34, a moto-taxi driver, died while he was having

sex with his wife at midnight in Phoum Thmey, Mitapheap district, Sihanoukville.

His wife, Kong Peuo, 33, mother of four children, said her husband had got a little

sick and died immediately after he finished sexual relations.

October 11: The body of Larch Yan, 41, a farmer, was found floating in

Prek Pol canal in Kandal Krom village, Kean Svay district, Kandal. After investigating,

police said the victim was chopped five times on his body by his son-in-law, Sun

Chan, 24, who intervened after Yan got drunk and tried to kill his own first wife.

October 11: Sing Sary, 50, a worker from Howa Genting hotel, was found

hanging at 2:30 pm at his house in Kbal Tomnop village, Mean Chey district, Phnom

Penh. The reason for the suicide is not known, however, the victim's wife Chhoam

Marin, 47, said her husband killed himself because of a family crisis.

October 11: Ek Pes, 32, was shot dead with an AK-47 at midnight while he

was sleeping at his house in Daun Pen village, Barai district, Kampong Thom. Police

said the victim, who was shot once in his chest and died immediately, was killed

for revenge by an unidentified assailant.

October 12: A Canadian citizen, Diane Samantha Chapman, 22, died in an

accident at midnight while she and her friend were riding a motorbike along Independence

Street in Kampong Som (Sihanoukville). The bike left the road, ran through a park

and hit a sculpture. Police said that a 22-year-old American citizen was seriously

injured in the incident.


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