Police Blotter: 18 May 2007

Police Blotter: 18 May 2007

MAY 2: An 8-year-old girl, Bol Sreynak, was found dead in Kauk Srok

village, Kampong Cham province. She had been missing for two days. Police said

Sreynak was murdered after being raped while walking home from seeing a dance at

a festival ceremony about 100 meters from her house. Police said Sreynak had

been chopped twice in the head with an ax.

MAY 2: Von Vuthy, 27,

an employee at Ly Lai hotel, was shot dead during a robbery at 3:45am while

riding with his girlfriend on a motorbike in Teuk Laak 2 commune, Tuol Kork

district, Phnom Penh. Police said that two robbers shot Vuthy in the underarm

with a handgun then escaped on his bike.

MAY 3: Burn Sophan, 23,

was arrested for a robbery and murder he allegedly committed two weeks ago in

Rokar Thom village, Kampong Cham province. Police suspect Sophan killed Ban

Phal, 56, while driving home on a motorbike from a ricefield where he cut grass

for his cows. Sophan confessed that he killed Phal and stole his motorbike,

mobile phone and 80,000 riel in cash.

MAY 4: Man Kimheat, 28,

escaped after killing his uncle, Man Chhop, 49, in Banteay Char village,

Battambang province. Ouk Savoeun, the chief of Chhnal Morn commune, told police

that Chhop was beaten to death after coming to create problems with Kimheat

while he was drunk. Savoeun said Kimheat became angry after Chhop poured out a

can of his cooking oil.

MAY 4: Khut Khoeun, 60, was sent to

Chantrea clinic for medical treatment in Phnom Penh after injuring his head at

7:30pm in Ta Ngoun village, Kandal province. A bystander said an unknown man

chopped Khoeun in the head with a hatchet then escaped on foot. The reason was

not known.

MAY 5: Eang Hong, a money exchanger, was shot and

severely wounded during a robbery in Rokar Thom commune, Kampong Speu province.

Hong's wife told police that one of three robbers shot her husband in the

stomach with a handgun and collected money from a drawer then escaped on a

motorbike. Hong was sent to Calmette Hospital for surgery in Phnom


MAY 6: Khlaut Son, the governor of Lum Phat district,

drowned after his boat sank while fishing in the afternoon with his two children

in the Sre Pok river in O'Kan village, Rattanakiri province. Rai Ray, Provincial

Police Commissioner, said Son drowned and disappeared after rescuing his kids.

Ray said the boat sank after crashing in to a big rock near the


MAY 6: Nuot Sokha, 45, was arrested for a murder in

Prek Khsev village, Kandal province. Police suspect that Sokha killed Kreat Tri,

44, and dumped his body into a river because he had been involved in a love

affair with Tri's wife, Khlauk Oeun, 42. Sokha denied the charges and said that

Tri drowned after jumping from a floating rental house where he came upon the

couple the previous night.

MAY 7: Vuth Vannak, 30, was shot and

wounded in a nighttime robbery in Toul Tumpoung commune, Phnom Penh. A passenger

said two robbers aimed a handgun at Vannak while he was urinating nearby his car

parked on Mao Tse Tung Boulevard and shot him once in the thigh and then stole

his expensive mobile phone. Vannak is now under treatment at Calmette


MAY 8: Nang Sovath, 18, was found sitting dead in the

early morning in Psar Kandal commune, Phnom Penh. Police said Sovath had been

stabbed twice in the chest and the back with a knife. Police suspected revenge

was the reason for the killing because a witness heard Sovarth shouted for help

when a group of gangsters were running and attacking him from behind the

previous night.

MAY 9: Pov Sovanarith, 35, a math teacher at Hun

Sen Sereypheap secondary school, was found dead at 1:55pm at his new house

located in downtown Takhmau district, Kandal province. Police said Sovanarith

had been strangled with a krama. Sovanarith's family suspected some neighbor's

in the murder because they were invited for drinking and eating the previous

night. The family said Sovanarith's gold necklace, gold ring and mobile phone

had been taken.

MAY 10: Luch Samoeun, 48, and his wife Chhor Vy,

42, were killed by lightning in a heavy rain at 5:30pm in Krabao village,

Banteay Meanchey province. Police said lighting struck the couple while they

were driving home on a motorbike from a pagoda where they went for a blessing.

The couple's family said Chhor Vy had had a premonition the night before, and

dreamed that Samoeun was walking without a head.

MAY 11: Tep

Sokunthear, 22, a fish seller, was shot and wounded during a robbery at 4am

while carrying fish on a motorbike in Samrong Thmey village, on the outskirts of

Phnom Penh. Sokunthear is now under medical treatment at Chantrea clinic. Police

said two robbers ordered her to stop and shot her twice in the left thigh as she

was trying to drive away. Sokunthear said the pair escaped empty handed after

people and police arrived.

MAY 12: A policeman, Korm Sambath, 41,

was shot and wounded in a robbery while driving home on a motorbike returned

from a wedding party at 9pm in Doeum Russ commune, Kandal province. A witness

said three people on a motorbike blocked the path of Sambath and shot him once

with an AK-47 then stole his bike, a K-54 handgun, a radio and a mobile phone.

Sambath was taken by his family to Calmette Hospital for


MAY 13: Provincial court of Kampong Cham issued a

warrant to arrest Seang Choeun, 43, for investigation after he was accused of

committing a murder two days earlier in Phdao Chumkoeut village. Police said

Choeun killed his 2-month-old baby grandson, who was asleep in a hammock. Choeun

confessed he killed the baby because a ghost's spirit entered him.


13: Lightning killed Long Khom, 25, and his cousin Ngoun Mao, 15, during a

storm at 8:30pm in Kraleng Lech village, Kampong Cham province. Police said the

lightning stuck when they the two were watching television on the upstairs floor

of their wooden house. Police said the lightning also killed two cows belonging

to Khom at the same time.

MAY 14: Police are looking for Hem Rin,

21, after killing his father-in-law Preap Po, 44, at around 5pm in Kdart

village, Pursat province. A villager told police that Rin knocked Po down with a

stick and strangled him with a rope then escaped on foot.


Translated from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap and Rasmei Kampuchea by Aun



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