Police Blotter: 26 Jul 2012

Police Blotter: 26 Jul 2012

Touchy drunk destroys house, threatens kids
A 26-year-old man went on a liquor-fuelled rampage on Tuesday night in Battambang province, destroying the family’s wooden home, police said. He allegedly guzzled about two litres of alcohol, prompting his aunt to criticise his behaviour. The man, furious, snatched a cleaver and hacked into the house’s walls and a vegetable patch before threatening his aunt’s grandchildren. The man then chased his father with the cleaver, and knocked his mother to the ground, unconscious. Police arrested the suspect, who admitted to the acts. Nokorwat

Gambling addict tries hand at theft, craps out
A 17-year-old gambling fiend pilfered her friend’s motorbike on Wednesday night in Kampong Thom’s Stoung district, pawning the bike to support her habit, police allege. A man told police that his son – the victim – was drinking at the suspect’s house when the suspect took off on the bike and sold it, only to lose the loot at a casino. Police said the thief had also gambled away her family home. After her arrest, she confessed to the crime and her addiction, and was sent to court on Sunday. Nokorwat

Cops give jewellery thief shiny steel bracelets
Police nabbed a guileful gold thief on Friday after he allegedly stole a stash of jewellery from a woman in Kampong Thom’s Sandan district. Police said the 26-year-old male broke into his neighbour’s home while she was out, swiping a necklace, rings, earrings, a brooch and $50. The victim reported the crime upon her return. Police caught the suspect, who confessed, and sent him to court. Nokorwat

Copper = fool’s gold in bait-and-switch scam
A 36-year-old con artist was charged in Phnom Penh on Monday for scamming two women. Police said on June 24 the woman told the victims that a bag of copper was, in fact, gold and offered to share it with them, urging them to give her their rings. As soon as the jewellery was in her hands, she fled the scene. The women thought they had scored a good deal, until realising at home that the metal was copper. Spotting the scammer again on Monday, they reported her to police who arrested her. Koh Santepheap

Choosy mobile phone buyer chooses burglary
Banlung town police in Rattanakiri are on the hunt for a mobile phone bandit, who allegedly snatched two smart phones valued at more than $1,300 from a shop. The teenager pretended to be a customer perusing the store’s wares, and asked the owner if he could look at two phones. The suspect immediately fled with the hot property, and is still on the run. Koh Santepheap

Translated by Phak Seangly