Police Blotter: 27 June, 1997

Police Blotter: 27 June, 1997



June 7: Police and villagers found a dead body in Chray Marat village,

Prey Veng province. The victim's throat had been cut. The police said that the unknown

victim had been killed when he was robbed, as marks on the victim indicated that

he had been wearing a ring and wrist watch.


June 8: At least 16 people drowned after a ferry boat sank in the middle

of the Bassac river during a rainstorm. The deputy police chief said that the ferry

was designed to hold 40-50 people, but it carried more than 90 passengers. The captain

had refused to depart from the dock and wanted some people to get off, but he was

forced to cast off. The captain was arrested.

June 8: Kauv Tisan, 14, kidnapped a six-year-old girl, Nhem Malis, and

splashed her with acid after she had taken all of the victim's jewelry at 6pm in

7 Makara district, Phnom Penh. The offender was arrested.

June 9: Houng, 50, committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the Olympic

market at 11 am. Sources said that the victim was a bicycle repairman. On that day

he had not repaired a bicycle and his face looked sad. Nobody knew what was wrong

with him.

June 9: Eam Eth, a soldier, and an unidentified man were gunned down by

three bandits wearing military uniforms at Skous commune, Samrong Tong district,

Kompong Speu. The source said the victims tried to escape from a tax checkpoint,

because they did not want to pay tax for the motorcycle they were riding. Ten minutes

later, soldiers who received a report from a villager went to arrest the bandits.

After a 15-minute fire fight, the bandits ran off and left the motorcycle that they

had stolen.

June 10: Horn Sophak, 7, was seriously injured while playing with an AK-47

bullet by hitting it with a brick, at Khan Daung Kauv, Phnom Penh.

June 10: Sean Dock, 23, a moto-taxi driver, was splashed by acid by a robber

who attempted to steal his bike. He was hired by the robber to take him home at 6

pm in Prek Eng commune, Khien Svay district. The offender escaped without taking

the motorcycle.

June 10: Veth Vesna, 41, an Interior Ministry official, was killed in a

traffic accident caused by robbers who had put a bed in the middle of Rte 4 as a

roadblock, to allow them to steal motorcycles and cars driving at night. The incident

took place at Khan Daung Kauv, Phnom Penh.

June 10: At least six sweets sellers were seriously wounded by a group

of gunmen firing AK47s and launching B40 rockets at each other near a gambling shop

in Sisophon after they had an argument with the shop guards.

June 10: Three burglars - Vou Van Thanh, 42, Vou Voam Hong, 32, and Van

Thoeung, 32 - were arrested by police in Kampot town after they cut through an iron

fence to steal a motorcycle. Villagers saw the burglars hide the motorcycle in the

forest and go into a cafe. Police arrested them in the cafe.

June 11: A girl, 16, was rescued by police from a brothel in the Toul Kok

area, to which she had been rented six months earlier by her natural mother for $30

per month. The girl's step-mother informed the police of the young girl's whereabouts.

The victim confirmed that she was initially rented to an old man as a virgin for

$450 for two days.

June 11: Fang Minh Thanh, 32, was arrested by police after he attempted

to rob Ros Vanna's motorcycle at 7:45 pm in Sangkat Toul Sangke near Psar Touch.

Meas Vanna Rath, 54, Ros Vanna's son-in-law, saw the robber point a gun at his father-in-law.

He went to a neighbor and asked for help because they had a gun. When the neighbor

fired shots, the robber tried to escape. He was caught by a mob. A fellow robber


June 12: Lim Ay Peng, 38, was seriously injured by Ek Dara, 21, who struck

her with a stick while she was riding a motorcycle back from buying a pig at 7:30

pm in Koh Kloud village, Kompong Trach district, Kampot. Sources said that the victim

and the offender had an argument with each other a long time ago. The offender escaped.

June 14: Song, 50, a cigarette seller, was seriously wounded by three unidentified

men who came in to buy cigarettes. The men stabbed him twice when he handed over

the cigarettes in Koki commune Khien Svay district, Kandal. The offenders escaped.

June 15: Touy Chansomethea, 20, was gunned down by unidentified men and

his body was left at a rubbish dump at Khan Russey Keo. The case is being investigated.

June 15: Seven dead bodies were found on the Stung Sen river in Prasat

Sambo district, Kampong Thom. Sources said they saw the bodies floating in the river

towards Kampong Thom town. Fishermen said that all of the bodies had bullet wounds.

Other sources said that the dead were cow-stealers killed in a robbery attempt and

gave different accounts of where the incident took place. The district chief said

that he did not know about the incident yet.

June 15: Ven Samay, a moto-taxi driver and also a soldier, fell unconscious

after two passengers hired him to go to Khien Svay district and invited him to enjoy

drinks that had been poisoned, at 8:30 pm in Dei Eth village Khien Svay district,

Kandal. The offenders escaped with the victim's motorcycle.

June 16: Heng Sopheap, 17, a Khmer noodle seller, committed suicide by

hanging herself at 4 am in her aunt's house at #4 CE1 Street 59 Sangkat Chatomok.

Sources said that she had been disappointed with her boyfriend who had betrayed her.

June 16: Khun Srey, 30, was killed by her husband who cut her throat at

Batheay district, Kampong Cham. Eng Pin, her husband, got angry with his wife because

she have love with other man in Poipet. Police said they found three love letters

on her body. Her husband escaped.

June 16: Ou Ros, 39, committed suicide by hanging himself at the back of

his house in Prek Chrauv, Mok Kompol district, Kandal. Sources said that his wife

had been disappointed that he had lost 5 bags of chili which had taken to sell at


June 17: Eng Ros, was killed by his brother in-law Horm Sameth, who is

a soldier, when they had an argument at Samaky village, Khan Russey Keo. Police said

that when Sameth was having an argument with his mother, Ros came along to try to

stop it. Sameth shot Ros with an M16 and ran off.

June 20: Soeun Chantria, 12, was electrocuted by a home-made electric security

system at a house in Khan Meanchay, Phnom Penh. The house owner had attached an electricity

cable to a metal bar in a big bucket of water. The house owner ran off after the

girl was killed.

June 21: Four Phnom Penh men were arrested by police after one of them

they fired one bullet in the air. They confessed to police that the gun had not been

used for a long time and they wanted to check whether it work. Police said they did

not believe them yet.

June 21 : Cheav Tay, owner of the Phkar Chuk Tep hotel and dancing restaurant,

was kidnapped by unidentified men who forced him in a car in Toul Kork, Phnom Penh.

The motive is still being investigated.

- Summarized from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap and Rasmei Kampuchea by Bou



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