Police Blotter: 30 May 2013

Police Blotter: 30 May 2013

Groom gets grumpy when guest gets cozy
It should have been the best day of his life – his wedding day. But the groom spoiled it by attacking a guest for getting a little too cozy with the bride. Police in the capital’s Toul Kork district said that when a guest and former acquaintance of the bride hugged and kissed her, the groom, his jealousy ignited, shocked all the guests by pouncing on the man to defend his honour. Police intervened, and the wedding continued as normal after the victim declined to file a complaint. Koh santepheap

Drug dealer over-thinks things, ends up cuffed
Panic struck an alleged drug dealer on Tuesday when he spied police strolling towards him in a packed Prey Veng town market. Dropping two packages of what police said were narcotics, the 25-year-old pushed and shoved his way out of the crowd, alerting the men to something fishy, and it wasn’t the smell of prahok. The police may simply have been looking for an ice-cold coconut drink or a fresh batch of juicy cucumbers, but the suspect led them on a short chase. He was arrested and admitted to selling drugs in the market. Rasmey kampuchea

Sneaky schoolmate seizes steering wheel
A 23-year-old student was arrested in Phnom Penh’s Tuol Kork district on Tuesday after allegedly botching a car-jacking job. Police say the man tricked a fellow student into giving him a lift. Once inside, he wrested the steering wheel away from his astounded friend and pushed her out of the car, injuring her. The cops caught up with him, taking the car back and sending the accused to court. Koh santepheap

Pilfering nearby vehicle ends badly for motodop
A 37-year-old motodop allegedly fell victim to vehicle temptation in Sen Sok district parking lot on Tuesday. The motodop was waiting for customers when the gleam of a bike parked next to his caught his eye. Who would even notice? The owner did. Soon the shouts for help reached residents, who helped the owner beat the daylights out of the man, leaving him unconscious for the police. He was sent to the hospital to recover in time for court. Deum ampil

Labourers celebrate end of workday with a brawl
Police say that Cambodian and Vietnamese construction workers used their time off to brawl with each other on Tuesday in Kandal province’s Lerk Dek district. After quitting time, the men apparently went off to have dinner and beer together. Fully wasted, the men got into an argument and settled it with fisticuffs. Rocks and punches flew until police arrived and scattered the fighters, who all escaped except for one badly injured man. Police sent him to the hospital. Rasmey kampuchea

Translated by Sen David


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