TOYOTA is Cambodia’s favourite car brand, the Kingdom’s streets are covered with Toyota vehicles of all different models. Toyota has a reputation for building durable, hard working and stylish vehicles.

From Hilux to Corolla and of course, a popular favourite not just in Cambodia but worldwide, is the Camry.

Toyota has been manufacturing and selling the Camry since 1982, a testament to the engineering prowess of the company. This year Toyota marks the release of the new 2019 model Camry.

The vehicle is a stylish sedan combining athletic sporty performance and looks, with the highest levels of safety and engineering. Not to mention the high quality interior and attention to detail with regard to the finish both internally and externally.

Integrated in to the 2019 Camry is the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), a modular unibody chassis that is at the core of the Camry model.

The Toyota Production System was internationally renowned and admired for its individual approach and its efficiency. The TNGA is an extension of this system, by standardising a whole range of components has allowed for increased performance but also a decrease in demands for materials, making the manufacturing process cleaner and greener.

For their 2019 model upgrade, Toyota did not just change the aesthetic of the Camry. Although the styling has undergone a re-think.

The new front end and large grill give the new Camry a muscular and authoritative look. The ride is altogether smoother and sharper. Acceleration from a standing start has been honed as has fuel efficiency.

The six speed automatic transmission has been engineered to provide a smooth ride at both high and low speeds and when combined with new body aerodynamics, drag has been reduced, enhancing efficiency and performance.

Toyota’s six speed automatic transmission has been engineered to enhance the driving experience. By lowering the center of gravity and using lightweight materials the stability of the vehicle is increased. The enhanced stability provides a smooth ride on the highway and city streets as well as improving fuel efficiency.

The new LED Daylight Running Lights (DRL) are more powerful and less energy intensive, resulting in better illumination. The DRL also gives added safety to drivers in overcast or inclement weather. T

he lights themselves are slim and stylised, arching athletically around the outer edges of the front end.

From behind the steering wheel the interior feels driver focused, open and airy. Steering wheel controls are intuitively placed and provide ease of access, everything you need is at your fingertips in the Camry.

The Heads Up Display (HUD) is positioned on the windshield and provides the driver with all important information in a clear and precise fashion.

The HUD makes it simple and easy to read information such as speed and turn directions, without taking your eyes off the road. Automatic seats for the front and rear plus the three zone climate control and air conditioning add extra comfort to the cabin.

Technology in the Camry is innovative and intelligent. Camry’s ‘Bird’s Eye View Camera’ with perimeter scan allows moving in and out of tight spots with confidence. The panoramic overhead view allows the driver to accurately view the Camry’s position in space.

Adding to the value of the Camry are the safety features.Blind spot monitoring means drivers are aware of approaching vehicles. Nine airbags are standard in the Camry, it sports an advanced airbag system that Toyota have developed for maximum passenger and driver safety.

The Camry provides a beautiful, spacious and luxuriously connected sedan. Drivers will enjoy the Camry for its sporty and responsive drive and smooth stable ride.

Passengers and families will enjoy the interior comfort, attention to detail and elegant finish, and the infotainment technology with sonic luxury courtesy of the JBL sound system will keep the kids happy on road trips.

The 2019 Camry brings excitement and increased engagement for drivers. Head turning new styling and enhanced center of gravity mean the 2019 Camry is better and safer than ever before.

For more information, readers are encouraged to contact Toyota Cambodia via their website, facebook page, or head to the Toyota showroom on Russian Federation Boulevard, Monivong Boulevard, Tchecoslovaquie Boulevard, and Chea Sophara (598).