In our latest Nissan Safety Tips for a Safer Driving’,we would like to ask you. What is the most important thing for you? Is it your vehicle or your life? Answer: The safety of you and your surrounding is utmost important, because life is precious. Here are some of the important tips that you need to follow before or while driving. At Nissan we always practice, Safety first before anything else!

Tip-1 : Driving when you are over-tired is shown to be dangerous, so make sure you get enough rest before driving. And when you feel sleepy or drowsy while driving, there’s a chance of you getting into an accident.

Tip-2 : Leave early if you don’t want to be stuckin traffic, because when you rush, there are chances of unwanted incidents. If you start your route early, you will most likely stay on time or even be ahead of schedule.

Tip-3 : Slow down and drive within the legal speed limit. And when you are driving at accident prone areas, it’s better to drive slowly

Tip-4 : Before driving, inspect your vehicle to avoid accident due to lose breaks, flat tire or anything. Many warning signs are easy to notice and fix when detected early. Be a Smart Driver.

Tip-5 : Wear your seat-belt before driving, and ensure your passengers fasten their seatbelts as well. It’s for every one’s own safety and also because it is a lw.

Tip-6 : No Texting. Whether you received a very important message or not, don’t text while driving. Always keep your eyes on the road, watch out for other road users and pedestrins.

Tip-7 : Keep your distance and don’t drive on a bumper-to-bumper distance. This will also give you extra time to react to traffic when there is a distance between you and the vehicle in-front ofyou.

Tip-8 : Plan ahead. Know first where you want to go! Familiarize yourself about locations or direcions.

Tip-9 : Vehicles are tools for driver, it needs to be in good shape to make sure the driver is efficient and safe. Do no ignore any warning signs and always follow your maintenance service schedule book.

Tip-10 : Pick your intended lane and staying in the same lane keeps you on a steady track and allows you to be ready for your next turn far ahead of time. It is dangerous to overtake cars unnecessarily.

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