Krama NFT Marketplace was officially launched at Royal Train Square last Sunday, marking an epochal shift for the Kingdom’s art scene with the introduction of the Kingdom’s first digital asset platform.

Committed to “preserving, protecting and promoting Cambodian culture”, Krama NFT seeks to harness for Cambodian artists the previously unimaginable benefits the rise of digital art and particularly NFTs – non-fungible tokens – has created.

Digital assets – particularly NFTs – have exploded worldwide as advances in technology and mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency supported by blockchain have created new opportunities and a global move towards digitally unique and verifiable assets.

“As fiat continues to provide negative returns, savvy investors have flocked to firstly move traditional cash into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum – the NFT cryptocurrency of choice.

“Furthermore, investing that cryptocurrency into NFTs provides a much more exciting and potentially profitable vehicle with benefits such as verified ownership and the ability to instantly transfer, and with some NFTs you can also gain utilities.

“Krama NFT marketplace for the first time gives an opportunity for creators and collectors to benefit from all of this – and Krama NFT collections additionally include both physical and digital assets, while supporting the protection, preservation and promotion of Cambodian culture,” said Scott Bolls, the director of Krama NFT Marketplace.

Sunday’s Full Steam Ahead: Inspiring Art Through Science and Technology event – in collaboration with the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) – saw the first three completed digital/physical collections launched as part of the first two-week online auction on Krama NFT Marketplace.

Neeson Cripps Academy pupils produced a school magazine. SUPPLIED

Six of the 20 artworks available have been created as part of the collaboration with CCF, with digital artwork either from CCF students or inspired by their paintings joining the work of Cambodian artists on Krama NFT.

The first Cambodian NFT produced and auctioned in the Kingdom – “Digital Computations” – was made by CCF students following workshops with Metaestetica Lab creator and artist Prof Carlo Santoro.

Funds from the sale of CCF NFTs will support the ongoing development of STEAM education, which places art in the traditional science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) teaching approach.

One FSA highlight, “The Wonderful Woman Wall” – a celebration of female intergenerational empowerment featuring CCF’s three eldest grandmothers, three mothers and three daughters – was created by CCF students under the mentorship of German artist Danilo Halle.

Rising star of the Cambodian art scene Hour Soben was in attendance creating beautifully Kbach style live paintings, while digital artist Svay gave workshops on the latest VR – virtual reality – technology.

The students worked on their creations at the event. SUPPLIED

‘Special opportunity’

The FSA projects on show also included “The Wolf and the Raven” project with Khmer poet Kosal Khiev, “Hives and Hexagons” and the Bangkert school magazine project by students at the CCF’s Neeson Cripps Academy.

CCF founder and executive director Scott Neeson and many of the students whose FSA projects in collaboration with Krama NFT were on show were in attendance.

Krama NFT Marketplace was officially launched at Royal Train Square. SUPPLIED

One, Sreynet, said being part of the FSA project was “a special opportunity”.

“Many visitors have not been to the Neeson Cripps Academy, and I enjoyed explaining all about the CCF school to them.

“For me, the best moment was with the artwork and the guests enjoying our potential and asking about the projects.

“It was a special opportunity to explain and give more details about the projects, like our school magazine,” said Sreynet.

Director of Krama NFT Marketplace Scott Bolls (second right) with Neeson and visitors. SUPPLIED

And Bolls said it was heart-warming to see the beautiful surroundings of the Phnom Penh Train Station bustling with students, artists, collectors and members of the public for a launch of such significance.

“The Phnom Penh Train Station has over its 90 years played an integral and important role in the modern history of Cambodia.

“So I feel it’s fitting that for such an important anniversary, the beautifully restored Royal Train Square has introduced such a historic and groundbreaking venture as Krama NFT Marketplace.

“With such a fantastic turnout for this momentous launch at the railway station, it is heartwarming to see ‘the old lady’ once again be the belle of the ball,” said Bolls.

Further information on Krama NFT Marketplace, the auction items available, the FSA project and the exciting move towards the metaverse is available via:

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