Jack Ma video-bombs educational live-stream

Publication date 16 January 2019 | 14:20 | ICT

WHILE many high-level business executives may seem out-of-touch to most people, Alibaba founder Jack Ma took time out from his schedule to surprise a group of young students in rural Hubei by video-bombing their teacher.



  • Topaz Welcomes Michelin Star Chef Christian Têtedoie

    Publication date 15 January 2019 | 17:48 | ICT

    Phnom Penh, Cambodia — Wednesday January 16th, 2019 Topaz restaurant offers its refined setting to welcome the equally refined cuisine of French Michelin Star Chef Christian Têtedoie*.

  • The hairy little heroes saving many lives in rural Cambodia

    Publication date 15 January 2019 | 13:46 | ICT

    IN RURAL Siem Reap province, rats dare to tread where no person will, as these hairy little heroes place their lives on the line each day for the good of the local community.

  • Sketches and waxwork depict the plights of lost communities

    Publication date 14 January 2019 | 11:30 | ICT

    Cambodian conceptual artist Sao Sreymao’s latest solo exhibition, Under the Water, documents villages once full of life, but now submerged in water and deserted by their inhabitants as a consequence of the construction of hydroelect

  • First ever – coffee shop supports Kingdom’s deaf and non-verbal

    Publication date 11 January 2019 | 14:30 | ICT

    Swapnil Deshmukh’s first encounter with a restaurant hiring exclusively deaf staff was on holiday in Vietnam in 2017, when his server handed him a menu with a pen and a note paper without saying a word.

  • Facial recognition set to ‘personalise’ experience

    Publication date 11 January 2019 | 11:26 | ICT

    IMAGINE walking into a store where a robot greets you by name, lets you know that your online order is ready, and then suggests other products you might want pick up.

  • Unique LGBTQ hotpot debuts in Phnom Penh

    Publication date 11 January 2019 | 09:50 | ICT

    Tucked away on the nondescript street 256, behind Preah Kossamak Hospital, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh is a small unsuspecting food outlet.

  • User experience the key for auto tech companies

    Publication date 10 January 2019 | 13:50 | ICT

    TECHNOLOGY companies tackling the challenge of autonomous driving are focusing on the “user experience” of vehicles that are increasingly becoming an extension of people’s digital life.

  • Doctor overtakes teacher as top career choice for Thai children

    Publication date 10 January 2019 | 13:46 | ICT

    THAI children have picked “Doctor” as their top dream career over last year’s favourite, “Teacher”, in an annual survey that also revealed the impact of the digital world on the lives of the nation’s youth.

  • Vietnam’s ‘incense village’ blazes pink ahead of the lunar new year

    Publication date 09 January 2019 | 15:13 | ICT

    IN VIETNAM’S “incense village”, dozens are hard at work dying, drying and whittling down bamboo bark to make the fragrant sticks ahead of the busy lunar new year holiday.

  • Coca pesticides posing threat to Bolivian bees

    Publication date 09 January 2019 | 15:12 | ICT

    HIGH up in the Bolivian cloud forest, a woman tends to her bees, smoker in hand, working from hive to hive under a canopy of leaves to delicately gather panels of honeycomb. It’s a bucolic scene that experts say won’t last, for the bees are dying.