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Cambodian-American combines east and west

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Students of AII celebrate winning a football championship. Moeun Nhean

Cambodian-American combines east and west

The strength, cleverness, wisdom and judgment of students at American Intercon School are the result of the quality of the diverse educational program, which has “combined the basics of American education system with the basics of the educational programs of the Kingdom of Cambodia, creating a new method,” said Dr. Kuoch Mengly, a Cambodian-American and founder of the American Intercon Instritute and American Intercon School (AII & AIS).

AII and AIS are two prestigious schools that provide general education for students. The programs they offer ranges from kindergarten to grade 12, in line with Cambodia’s educational system and international standards.

Mengly said that the foundations of education from the United States and Cambodia are both good, although the Cambodian system allows students more free time. While the US educational system is more accurate and thorough, providing educational programs in classes, libraries, arts, workshops, labs and sports. He added that teachers are professionals in the education field.

“We have combined the educational programs from both countries for AII and AIS and have included programs such as housekeeping and humanitarian activities. With the school’s clear regulations, the class has a clean environment and sanitation, and teachers have talent in being able to change a lot of subjects, keeping our students busy with studying and working hard. They are happy studying all the different subjects as the school provides a unique atmosphere,” Mengly said.

The experience of living in both the US and Cambodia has taught him different lessons.

He recalled that “when I studied in the US, it was a very busy time. I wasn’t very [warm-hearted] because I needed to study hard and compete with others, but I believe that our efforts will give us success.”

“Now I live and work in Cambodia, and I must provide the warmth I use to dream about starting by providing my staff and teachers with decent wages, valuing their work, respecting each other and providing a proper workplace,” Mengly said, adding that guaranteeing health for them and their families is especially important to him.

“While my wish is to provide students with a proper education, teachers who have implemented their duties with talent and dignity toward our students are the hope for Cambodia’s future.”

According to Mengly, in terms of prospects for developing the Kingdom and society, more progress and harmony need to be met. By starting from the starting points of education and well-being, Mengly believes Cambodia can improve.

“These two sectors are the most important foundations of human resources to make people become a potential towards the development of the nation in order to catch up with other developed countries in the region and in the world.”

That is why the programs at AII and AIS are formulated to produce real quality with an international standard for their students, he said.

“Proper knowledge at AII and AIS is provided through mental and physical education. Courage and morality are a strong foundation that we focus on so [students] will have high judgment for making the right choices when doing anything.”

The American Intercon School prides itself on the fact that students passed the national exam in grade 12 in 2014 up to 85 per cent higher than most in Cambodia when compared to the national figure from the Ministry of Education, which was around 40 per cent, according to Mengly.

“As a result of the quality of our education, which is higher than others, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports allowed us to prepare ourselves for the ASEAN’s Quality Education award in 2015, which will be held soon in Brunei.”

Currently, AII and AIS has expanded itself to three branches: Mao Tse-tung branch, Tuol Kork branch and Chak Angre branch with a total of 10 thousand students and more than one thousand teachers and staff.

For further information: www.aii.edu.kh and www.ais.edu.kh


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