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Cellcard goes through brand refresh, focusing on customer value and the community

Cellcard’s CEO, Ian Watson
Cellcard’s CEO, Ian Watson

Cellcard goes through brand refresh, focusing on customer value and the community

In recent months, Cellcard has revealed a new logo through the company’s advertising, new website and, more recently, its head office façade. Cellcard’s CEO, Ian Watson, reveals that there’s more to the brand refresh than meets the eye.

“It’s more than just an update of our logo. The brand refresh more importantly signifies a change of mindset and a change of business perspective. As the market evolves, so should we, and this is what we are doing. Behind the new logo is a re-energized brand with a clearer view of its role—finding better ways to connect people, inspiring innovation and development instead just being a commodity for entertainment,” he said.

Together with the more streamlined Cellcard visual cues, the brand has been updating its product portfolio and forging partnerships in the realm of education, innovation and entrepreneurship.

On top of new products launches over the past few weeks, Cellcard has gained press coverage on new partnerships and initiatives focused on developing the community through innovation.

In April, Cellcard signed an agreement with Kamworks–a solar company committed to enhancing the quality of life for people who lack access to affordable and reliable energy sources through innovative technology.

In May, Cellcard pledged its support and initiated a crowdsourcing drive for Khmer Smart Keyboard.

Then in May, Cellcard signed a partnership agreement with social enterprise Impact Hubb Cambodia, an independent initiative dedicated to promoting social entrepreneurship in the Kingdom. The agreement covered the roll out of social entrepreneurship bootcamps in five key urban cities.

During the announcement of the partnership with Impact Hubb Cambodia, Director of Marketing Niek Van Veen said, “As a leading mobile service provider we see it as our mission to not only help grow the industry but provide more Cambodians access to technology, which will help them progress,” making it clear that Cellcard’s recent activities are initiatives that work toward establishing a new and different leadership role that’s steeped in creating not just products and services, but opportunities to develop the community, especially the youth, and inspire innovation.

Cellcard is also maintaining its ICT school project in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Signed in early 2014, the agreement covers Cellcard’s commitment to providing digital access to over 336 schools nationwide.

And in the spirit of modernizing its business, Cellcard’s digital presence is worth noting. Page site visits for the Cellcard website grew 400 per cent with a new digital strategy in place, while the company’s Facebook page is just shy of reaching the 700,000 milestone.

“Our digital presence is one we are particularly keen on improving. Internet as a source of awareness among consumers is quite low in Cambodia, but we believe that it will follow the same uptrend and will be at par with other countries in a matter of a few years,” said Laszlo Barta, COO of Cellcard.

In line with this, Cellcard has also launched a microsite – Cellcard Preksa (the Khmer term for guru) – aimed towards educating smartphone users on how to maximize, troubleshoot, manage and enjoy their smartphone usage.

“Cellcard Preksa is a way for us to provide value and support to our customers. The microsite is aimed towards education and innovation. While it is little less over a month old at this point in time, we plan to grow the microsite with more Cellcard produced content, as well as encourage contributions from our customers,” said Barta.

An on-ground version of Project Guru is also being planned in the coming months.

With all these initiatives, it’s easy to see that Cellcard is maintaining its persistent leadership among Cambodians.


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