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Chinese mom and pop never give up at Orussey

Chinese mom and pop never give up at Orussey

As far as markets are concerned, while the expatriate community seems satisfied with Russian Market or Central Market, Orussey Market, has a spark of Chinese culture.

Orussey Market was rebuilt by Taiwanese who paradoxically did their utmost to reproduce the ugliness of the markets in the People’s Republic. Never mind the exterior aspect -- as soon as we get into it, it’s impossible to refrain from being guided by the smell towards a huge food section.

The show is considerable because here you will find here the most beautiful samples of Chinese emigration’s food creation with food products which do not even exist in China like the excellent salty yellow-fleshed fish. The Chinese passion for food has of course its purists, salty eggs wrapped up in a thick layer made out of coarse salt and crushed charcoal will be different in every shop, with each shopkeeper each praising his own preparation.

The one hundred years eggs won’t escape the rule and there is a battle between the defenders of modernity: pink color eggs prepared in a chemical solution and the defenders of the tradition: several months of eggs ripening in a layer made out of rice straw and lime.

The market has also its characters like the oldest couple of Chinese traders, both of them being perfectly raw Chinese that they are almost unable to speak Khmer.

They don’t really remember their age, certainly over 80, and their offspring beg them to stop working and stay at home to enjoy the true Chinese filial respect, till now without noticeable result.