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Digi Internet brings high-speed internet using fibre optics

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Digi Internet brings high-speed internet using fibre optics

With seven years of successful experience in Cambodia, Digi Internet is one of the leading broadband service operators in the Kingdom. CEO Andrey Sheen, who has 14 years of experience in the IT and Telecoms industry, spoke with Post Plus to shed some light on Cambodia’s cable online world.

Content image - Phnom Penh Post
Digi Internet employees are working on the fiber cabling. Photo supplied

Can you share your thoughts on the current and future trend of online services?
Nowadays, Cambodian internet users are at the beginning of rapid growth by residential consumers since general trends demonstrate the booming growth of mobile internet users since smartphones where initially introduced to Cambodia.
Despite such growth, Cambodia still has a low level of internet penetration compared to Vietnam and Thailand.

However, future trends show that literally all modern devices and services would require internet connection—cars, wristwatches, etc. They require reliable broadband connectivity to the internet with real, unlimited data usage, and Cambodia is no exception.

What are the differences between using cable fiber optics and other connective devices like wireless?
The main difference is that by having its own distribution fiber optical network, Digi is able to provide reliable and truly unlimited data usage unlike wireless operators, who are unable to provide unlimited traffic usage to its users.
There is also an unbeatable difference in speed for fiber optical cable connection over residential users.

For instance, Digi residential users can reach 100Mbps (and we are working on upgrading the network to raise a speed up to 1Gbps per user), however the highest speed on sale is 15Mbps only (due to commercial limitation).

What are the most comprehensive aspects for Digi Internet network users?
Digi differentiates from other providers as operators providing more than just internet: Pure Unlimited broadband internet comes with “Digi World” content, special features and a loyalty programme. We even established and operate an online shop called shop168 (shop168.com.kh) – a pioneer in Cambodian e-commerce business with online payment options and delivery all over Cambodia.

By knowing the needs of our customers, we use appropriate technology and creative ideas to meet demands. As the result of our work, Digi users experience really fast Youtube videos (at speed up to 10Mbps), SuperSpeed (up to 15Mbps on average after midnight), 10Mbps speed to popular local content and unrestricted upload speed. All these benefits start from as little as $12 per month.

Digi Internet has the ambition to be more than just an interent provider
Digi Internet has the ambition to be more than just an interent provider. The company also offers an online shop and a loyalty programme. Photo supplied

What’s your next step for this upcoming year, such as the expansion or new coverage areas?
We plan to extend our operation to other large cities and meanwhile, we are working on a major upgrade for our existing network, which will make it possible to connect each residential customer on the direct fiber optical cable (FTTH). In other words, this connection will ensure the most stable connection, independent from local environmental conditions such as the electricity grid, weather condition and so on.

How do you plan for the possible ASEAN integration by end of 2015? Will the ASEAN integration likely provide more opportunity to your internet business or internet services in general?
I very much welcome the ASEAN integration. The integration will definitely boost business activity and speed up the growth of the economy in general with new working places, increments of incoming people and an improved standard of living. All this means more internet users to serve! We would be proud to participate in the development of the Kingdom of Wonder.


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