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DIGI offers $12 fibre internet for home

DIGI offers $12 fibre internet for home

DIGI, the first internet service provider in Phnom Penh to offer $12 per month internet prices for the home, agreed to answer a few questions about their services.

What are the products and services Digi offers that are attractive to Cambodians?
At present, Digi is providing broadband services in Phnom Penh, including internet, telephony and value added services over fibre optic technology including video services, file sharing, online and networking games, web hosting, VPN and other services.

How is Digi different from other ISPs in Cambodia?
Digi company stands for high quality service on fibre optic technology, product development and low price strategy that makes it attractive and available for users. For this purpose, Digi built its own fibre optic cable network covering Phnom Penh city. Digi tries to help Cambodians to become internet users by investing into users’ equipment and not requiring extra fees. Another huge advantage that definitely differentiates Digi is Digi World,,, and Digi has packaged a number of services geared toward the youth segment, including access to certain social networking and local sites without it subtracting from a customer’s data-usage limits. Briefly, the users can find any content they look for using Digi internal resources that are free and fast to use at10Mbps speed and using fibre optic technology.

What's the best price you can offer?
The minimum package price for home users on a cable connection starts from $12/month on a speed of 1Mbps (all the taxes included) – and it’s unlimited internet. In addition, there is Digi Mobi service, which is internet service based on wireless 3.5G network, with prices starting from $10 per month. More details are at  and

What’s the best way to connect to Digi from home or office? Modem stick? Fibre? Phone line?
As of now the best way of connection is the fibre optical cable connection that allows the fastest speed and most reliable connection to the end user. Digi owns a fibre optical cable network which supports all requirements of corporate clients who want high equal speed, VPN, VoIP, conference calls and home users who want high-speed internet, webTV, video and file downloading. In addition, Digi clients can use our wireless service – Digi Mobi for internet on the go using a USB modem.

What’s your website? How can people get in touch with you?
Our website is Our call center 24/7: 077 / 023227766, and sales people can call 098800913 or email us at: [email protected]. Our office is at Number 368, Street 163, Olympic Quarter, Chamkarmom District, Phnom Penh.

When did you first come to Cambodia?  
Digi has been providing internet services since December 2008, starting with broadband internet, hosting and VPN services with a focus on the corporate market segment. As of October 2010, Digi began providing its services to the retail market.

The growing Cambodian economy requires a developed telecom infrastructure in order to sustain and fuel future growth. Living standards have not only increased basic services consumption, but also created a readiness to use innovative telecom services, especially among the youth.

Digi aims to satisfy the ever growing demand for basic and premium telecom services for both home and corporate subscribers. Presently Digi operates in Phnom Penh city only, but intends to expand into other provinces.