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JICA in Cambodia, in my community, in my life

JICA in Cambodia, in my community, in my life

Message from JICA Cambodia Office
As Cambodia and Japan commemorate the 60th anniversary of friendship this year, we at the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) also celebrates the 20th anniversary of our operations in Cambodia.

Mr. Hiroshi Izaki Chief Representative JICA Cambodia Office
Mr. Hiroshi Izaki Chief Representative JICA Cambodia Office

In the past two decades, JICA has provided a wide range of substantive assistance to virtually all facets of Cambodia’s socio-economic development.

Our assistance is founded upon the philosophy of genki - vitalizing of the people, society and economy - in a mutually optimal manner.

We are proud to say that our assistance has reached and changed the lives of millions of Cambodians, and at the same time, we have also learned and evolved together with them.

We are committed to continue evolving in order to catalyze high-quality assistance from the people of Japan to the people of Cambodia in the years to come.

Special Interview: "Most Rewarding Moments in My Work With JICA"

Marked by their dedication, diligence and a firm commitment, JICA's Khmer staff members have always been a driving force to advance JICA's assistance in Cambodia. For this special interview, two of the most long-serving Khmer staff highlight their most rewarding moments working with JICA Cambodia.

Mr. Nhean Tola with JICA since 2004 Senior Program Officer in Planning
Mr. Nhean Tola with JICA since 2004 Senior Program Officer in Planning

Mr. Nhean Tola

JICA provided me with the rewarding work experiences to “directly participate” in the process of development in Cambodia.

Through my work at JICA, I’ve been a part of joint effort and partnership between Japan and Cambodia to realize economic growth, human security and poverty reduction of this country.

I believe that a real development can only be achieved through ‘direct involvement’, ‘persistence’ and ‘maximized effort’, and, everyday, my colleagues and I share the times of challenges and happiness together to responsibly implement Japanese ODA in Cambodia.

At JICA Cambodia office, I feel that my colleagues are “family members”. We are ‘One for All, All for One’ to work for the betterment of Cambodia.

Ms. Nak Chan Boline with JICA since 2005 Program Officer, Volunteer Section
Ms. Nak Chan Boline With JICA since 2005 Program Officer, Volunteer Section

Ms. Nak Chan Boline

As a program officer at the volunteer section, I work with Cambodians as well as Japanese people to facilitate cooperation between two countries on grass-roots level.

JICA provided the opportunity to an ordinary person like me to contribute to the development of my country and to share the fruitful experiences with others in my social life. JICA also encourages me to continue learning.

For instance, in 2008, I joined JICA Young Leader Training program in Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan to learn about the topic on education. Surrounded by likely-minded colleagues, my work at JICA is challenging yet very exciting!

20years of Japanese ODA in Numbers

■ 12 years spent by JICA and the Ministry of Justice to prepare the Civil Code (CC) and Code of Civil Procedure (CCP), one of the most important laws of the society. CC and CCP were issued in 2007, and CC was enforced in 2011 by "Law on Application of the Civil Code" which was also drafted by JICA's successive assistance.

■ 28% (260km) of asphalt-paved National Road was paved by Japanese ODA. JICA has been supporting the construction of Neak Leung Bridge, which is expected to complete in 2015.

■ 115,000+ babies were delivered at National Maternal and Child Health Center(NMCHC), which was constructed through Japanese Grant Aid in early 1990s. NMCHC continues to work with JICA for capacity development of health care professionals.

■ 350,000+ man days spent by JICA volunteers with the people of Cambodia across the country since 1965, sharing their technical knowledge and experience and fostering mutual understanding between the two countries at the grassroots level.

■ 2.6 million people benefitted and obtained access to safe and clean water due to water supply improvement projects provided by JICA since 1993, including on-going projects.

Among which, about 1 million are those who have acquired access to safe and clean water for the first time.


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