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Khmer Dentist Clinic equipped with modern technology from Italy, France and Japan

Dentist Kak Tola
Dentist Kak Tola explains a patient the X-ray picture of her jaws. Moeun Nhean

Khmer Dentist Clinic equipped with modern technology from Italy, France and Japan

After receiving a master’s degree from New York University and a doctorate in Spain, Kak Tola returned home to open the Khmer Dental Clinic in 2004. Since that time he has expanded with another office in Phnom Penh, and one in Siem Reap.

As a professor of orthodontics at the Dentist College of the University of Health Science in Phnom Penh, Tola explained what has lead to his success.

The first thing, he said, was the importance of modern medical technology to achieve a perfect diagnosis. His clinic uses a digital panoramic and cephalometric x-ray machine imported from Italy that allows him to get high quality images that improve accuracy with real-time results.

“We have two machines of this type, one is at our Tuol Tompong clinic, and the other at our Siem Reap branch,” he added. “At our Olympic branch, we have installed imagining technology from France.” Tola has also imported surgical technology to help with dental implants, “which is the latest technology from Japan at the Khmer Dental Clinic,” he said.

Dentist Kok Tal
Dentist Kok Tal presenting a dental implant to the Post Plus reporter. Moeun Nhean

“All of our dentists have received training from overseas because our clinic requires dentists to develop their knowledge regularly, particularly when it comes to the implant skills from the western countries,” said Tola. Moreover, he added, that the dentists at his clinics all have Master’s degrees from the University of Health Science, and many of them are currently teachers.

“Our clients are not just Cambodians, but foreigners as well. They seek out our service especially in Siem Reap,” said Tola. “About 40 per cent of our customers are Korean, followed by Australians, Americans and Japanese.” He added that many of their clients come in for dental implants because the cost in their home country can be three to four times more expensive.

“We want to provide good health services for our customers. At the Khmer Dental Clinic we charge a lower fee, which is typically 30 per cent less compared to other private dental clinics,” he added.

In order to build up trust with his foreign patients, Tola said “to do a clear and accurate diagnosis is the most important starting point.”

With over ten years of experience operating in Cambodia, Tola said that many of his customers are continually worried about the safety of a surgical implant and the risk of infection. That is why he has arranged for a specialized implant section that adheres to European standards.

He has installed a tooth scanner from France this year that allows him to get the precise measurements for the thickness and height of the implant. “Moreover, we have installed optical implant machines to show the clear location in the mouth,” he said.
Tola also highlighted the importance of dental health by saying, “it is important for people to visit a dentist regularly every six months, because dental health affects your overall health.”


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