Quotes of 2015

2015 in quotes

Quotes of 2015

From pithy put-downs to bad cases of foot-in-mouth disease, the year just gone had plenty of quotable moments. Here's a collection of our favourite commentary on Cambodian current affairs.

I am not Hitler.
January 19 Commander of the national military police Sao Sokha clarifying reported remarks that he ‘learned from’ the Nazi leader.
I will throw as many eggs as I can at their face.
February 14 Spanish environmental activist Alejandro Gonzalez-Davidson speaking out against the government’s decision to deny him a visa. Photo supplied
It cannot be any worse than what goes on here anyway. This place is the last bastion of iniquity.
February 20 UK tourist ‘Scally’ accusing the government of hypocrisy for cancelling the kaZantip music festival after it was deemed ‘indecent'. Max Elvinger
I am pretending to be a deaf person; I don’t want to hear about the ECCC.
March 12 Former Khmer Rouge Navy chief Meas Muth responding to news he had been charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. Vireak Mai
Sam Rainsy and Hun Sen looked like a couple on their honeymoon.
April 24 Prince Norodom Ranariddh commenting on the two leaders celebrating Khmer New Year together. Photo supplied
If we betray our oath, we will be struck by lightning, or killed in a car crash.
June 22 CPP youth members, swearing an oath of fealty to Prime Minister Hun Sen. Photo supplied
Only God can judge us.
July 21 Timber magnate Try Pheap responding to accusations from NGOs of illegal logging. Heng Chivoan
Whatever crimes she was accused of, they’ve gone along with her after tonight.
August 25 Mourner Bun Kimheng speaking about the cremation of the Khmer Rouge’s social affairs minister, Ieng Thirith. Vireak Mai
I have nothing but contempt for the international judges of this tribunal.
August 28 Nuon Chea’s attorney Victor Koppe lashing out at Khmer Rouge Tribunal judge Jean-Marc Lavergne over a dispute about documentary evidence.
This is old school Cambodian politics in an era of social media and smartphones.
October 28 Sebastian Strangio, author of Hun Sen’s Cambodia, on the assault on opposition lawmakers outside the National Assembly. Photo supplied
Although the next elections are almost three years away, the CPP live in fear of losing their support, their wealth and their way of life.
October 31 Ou Virak, president of the Future Forum policy research consultancy, talking about Cambodia’s rising political tensions. Pha Lina
Do not say that politics are behind everything.
It’s like they already beat us on the head, and now they’re rubbing our backs and peeling a banana for us to eat.
November 9 CNRP lawmaker Kong Sakphea, still in hospital after being bashed in front of the National Assembly, criticising the visits he received from CPP colleagues. Photo supplied
Cambodia is my homeland – I absolutely must go back and go to rescue our nation.
November 16 Opposition leader Sam Rainsy announcing plans to return to Cambodia despite an arrest warrant. Photo supplied
Actually, we work a lot, but we’re not very good at writing reports.
November 18 Lay Sok Kheang, deputy director of the Ministry of Economy and Finance’s budget department, explaining Cambodia’s poor budget transparency. Sreng Meng Srun


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