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  1. Religion and Culture

    please access it on our website: For this week’s theme, Lift ... Last week, Lift brought you a discussion of professional life after school. If you missed it, ... youth of Cambodia, from movies to songs, clothes and even hairstyles.  Lift investigates the issue from ...

  2. Entertainment

    editorial, you can find it at This week, we focus on ... sightseeing and leisure in education. This week, Lift will discuss entertainment that young people like. ... unexpected impacts. One of Lift’s reporters examines this issue and raises some concerns about its effects on ...

  3. Fashion and Shopping

    it, please check it out on our website: This week, we ... argue, having negat-ive affects on education and society (pages 4 and 10). LIFT spoke with everyone, ... Thank you! 607 reads Post Staff ...

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