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  1. MP claims border visit was violent

    Opposition lawmaker Mao Monivann has claimed he was attacked with an electric baton by ... a Vietnamese soldier during a recent visit to the border region of Ratanakkiri province, as he attempted to ... a map of the national boundaries it enforces. The government’s most senior official on border affairs, ...

  2. 1999 In Review

    was not present during a US trade delegation visit to her work site. "I come to the university ... intake per capita, at just 1,980 kcal's. Special athlete Chim Phan claims three of the nation ... Jesus."- Duch "That wall was fixed in a week. I was broke and they fired me. But Duch, he killed ...

  3. 1998's The year in review

    news that the European Union (EU) would provide $11 million in aid to support the process of national ... later. On Jan 11 Nou Kim Ei, editor of Nokor Khmer, is shot at while driving his car. While nobody was ... injured, one of the attackers shouts, "I will kill you next time." Khmer Nation Party (KNP) ...

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