Amazing memorabilia a star attraction at new Beatle’s bar

Amazing memorabilia a star attraction at new Beatle’s bar

The Yellow Sub owners Charnjity Singh (L) and Joey Lim behind the well-stocked bar. Photograph: Alistair Walsh

A  new Beatles themed bar and restaurant that was two and a half years in the making has opened in Siem Reap.

The four-storey “gastro bar” in the Pub Street precinct near Miss Wong is filled with an exhaustive and expensive array of Beatles memorabilia collected by the owner, Charnjity Singh, from around the world.
Each floor of The Yellow Sub comes with a different atmosphere, with the over-riding theme being a Beatles submarine.

The ground floor opens with the spacious front bar leading into a dining room at the back. On the upper levels are a pool room with Beatles

Photograph: Alistair Walsh

interviews and documentaries on permanent loop, a merchandise store, a rock-and-roll history themed ping pong bar, an ox-blood red whiskey bar and a rooftop terrace.

Mr Singh and business partner Joey Lim, both from Singapore, have been planning the venture and collecting memorabilia for the past two and a half years.

“I think there was a gap in the market for a decent bar where you didn’t have to listen to loud music, where you can sit and have a decent drink without it being overpriced, and have a nice ambience and décor,” Mr Singh says.

Nearly every surface in the bar is covered in Beatles themed memorabilia including Beatles toys, family photos, original Beatles pressings, Beatles cushions and Beatles paintings.

Photograph: Alistair Walsh

“We’ve been collecting for two and a half years across the globe. Every time we see Beatles memorabilia we buy it. It’s sourced from all around the world – Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, London, Paris, Amsterdam, everywhere,” Mr Singh says. “We have people still collecting for us and there’s a lot of memorabilia that is not being displayed.”

The two have nearly 40 years of hospitality management experience behind them.

Mr Singh has just finished working as a food and beverage coordinator in a Turks and Caicos Como Hotels and Resort, and they both originally met when they worked at the Scarlet Hotel in Singapore.

They had been toying with the idea of opening a themed bar for years before they decided on Cambodia.

“We came over a year ago and looked around and said this is going to be an amazing city to open a bar in. We didn’t realise it was going to be four floors,” Mr Singh says.

The food menu leads with a selection of eight burgers named after the Beatles and associate personalities as the flagship dish, but there’s a lot more to the menu.

The popcorn shrimp at $4 is super crunchy, and the wild mushroom soup at $3 is recommended. The burgers, mostly $6, are well crafted and generous, but don’t expect them to be just like at home.

The drinks menu is extensive and reasonably priced. It includes a selection of nautical themed cocktails including oddities such as a bubblegum martini, using vodka infused with Wrigley’s gum.

Draught beer is $1, spirits are $2 and cocktails start from $4.

Punters can decide many Ringo Starrs they rate the establishment. 


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