Pub crawl to enthrall all

Pub crawl to enthrall all


Not-so-grim Reapers doin’ their scary Halloween thing. Photograph supplied

While the rest of the world celebrates Halloween next Wednesday, Angkor What? Bar holds its annual bash and pre-party club crawl tomorrow night, enabling participants to recover on Sunday rather than having a mid-week hangover.

The annual Halloween party has proven increasingly popular since its inception in 2005, and organiser Charlie Kumar expects this one to be no different. It started out innocently enough with five friends dressing up for a laugh, and by last year it featured 86 scary attendees who bemused tourists and locals.

“It just gets bigger every year,” says Kumar. “If we had the same amount of people as last year it would be great. You can’t miss 100 people walking down the street, dressed up.

“I just think it became popular because we made it more of a social event, by involving other bars. The more the merrier, that’s what I say.”  

The creepy pub crawl starts at 7pm at Molly Malone’s, taking in six different bars. As usual, prizes are given for the best costumes, but this year Kumar has upped the ante.

“I’ve thrown in a massive incentive,” he explains. “The first prize is $300. Second prize is $200, then $100. And then I’ve got three bar tabs for Angkor What? Bar.”

Last year the lucky winner was ‘Jesus Christ’.

“He carried a cross and he had serious bruises on his shoulders for two weeks,” Kumar recalls, admiringly. “That thing was heavy. I mean, he carried it up staircases. He got actual vines with thorns on them and made his crown. And he was bleeding after a while because they were pricking into him. It was full on and I was like, ‘you know what mate, for sheer effort, you can have it’.”

Other memorable costumes have included Shrek, Papa Smurf and Hellboy, but as for what to expect this year, all are keeping schtum.

“Everyone tries to keep it secret. Anyone you ask says, ‘wait and see’,” chuckles Kumar, who is no exception. Last year he led his frightful posse dressed as the devil, complete with red shiny suit and giant pitchfork.

Not having a costume is no excuse. Kumar is offering the use of his treasure trove of scary paraphernalia.

“If you can’t find yourself a costume I’ve got loads of masks. I’ve got face paints, I’ve got stupid capes, I’ve got wigs. Just get down to the bar and we’ll find you something before we leave.”


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