Footage of an amazing long distance goal by Nexstep FC team member Bruno Wellington Krenkel in the Cambodian League 2 has been gaining a lot of attention around the world, most notably in England, one of the most football-obsessed nations on earth.

Bruno scored his incredible goal on July 17 last year. Despite Nexstep going down 4-2 to Prey Veng at Siem Reap Stadium, the thing people remember about the match was his spectacular fourth minute solo effort.

Bruno received a long ball near the centre of the pitch and appeared trapped on the sideline by three defenders. Utilising some Brazilian magic, Bruno toyed with the nearest tackler, delivering a soul destroying nutmeg before reclaiming the ball and slotting a perfectly weighted long range shot into the top-left corner of the net.

A 20-second video of the goal has amazed fans around the world, many of whom expressed surprise that the goal took place in the little-known Cambodian League 2 championship.

Many of the fans who have seen the footage – which is reportedly being shared extensively through Twitter accounts in the UK – consider the solo effort worthy of a FIFA award.

“This was one of the most incredible goals that I have come across on my Twitter feed. It was a world-class solo goal – and the Cambodian commentators really add to the video. Even though I do not speak their language, I know exactly how the speaker is feeling,” said Tom Watson, an engineer from Derby in the UK.

“It’s amazing. The goal was scored from a great distance in a distant country, and has been shared by thousands of football fans in England. Surely this is a testament to the level of football in Cambodia. The team I support is Newcastle United – I hope the club will bring player

No17 for a competency test!” he added.

Bruno Wellington Krenkel plays for Nexstep FC in Cambodian League 2. Bruno FB

Bruno still remembers the goal vividly.

“I received a video of the goal in early December. I remember my heart was beating so fast. Before I began my career with Nexstep, I wrote: ‘I want to do a lot of great things in Cambodia with the Nexstep club’ and ‘I know it may be difficult, but nothing can be overcome without effort’,” he wrote on social media.

“Once in a while, a goal can change your life. For many people, this goal meant nothing, but for me it confirmed my faith. The night before the match, I knelt and prayed to God to let me accomplish a great thing.

“When I woke up, everything seemed unusual. I realised what I had done after I scored the goal and the effort it took to make it. Many may forget me, but God has not,” he added.

Keo Sareth, secretary-general of the Football Federation of Cambodia, himself a former footballer, claimed that Bruno’s goal had received massive support from fans around the world, because true fans always appreciate such beautiful displays of skill.

“Fans everywhere love to see such great goals, and I am especially proud that it happened on Cambodian soil, as part of the Cambodian League 2 Championship. Thanks to the video being shared internationally – and the strong traction it is getting in the UK – it has provided a significant boost to the popularity of Cambodian football,” he told The Post.

“As head of the federation’s technical committee, I am very pleased and proud of this good news. It will also send a message to the players in the Cambodian leagues, encouraging them to work harder and grow the sport.

“The federation’s leadership are also pleased with the viral video, which aids their efforts to promote football in the Kingdom.”

Chea Mengly, secretary-general of Nexstep Football Club, also expressed his admiration for the famous goal.

“In terms of depth, our team is not yet ready to match the level of the top clubs in the league, but when Bruno pulled out this incredible solo effort, he became the pride of the club!

“We are excited to see how popular the video has become, and believe it has raised the image of Nexstep FC,” he said.