The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries requests that France send trade experts to study the development potential of Cambodia's agricultural sector. The two sides also held joint talks to promote cooperation on the Kingdom's agricultural exports to France and vice versa.

Agriculture minister Dith Tina met with Bertrand Ambroise, head of international relations at Rungis International Market, along with a French trade delegation, on April 19 to discuss the idea.

According to his social media post, the two sides discussed the potential for the agricultural sector and he also welcomed the interest in the Cambodian agricultural market from the French delegation.

He also asked the French side to send trade experts to study the potential of Cambodia's agricultural sector and work together to export Cambodian agricultural products to the French market and import French goods to Cambodia.

“We also mentioned forming agricultural cooperatives to create markets that meet the needs and standards of the French market, as well as training human resources with specific skills through scholarships and exchange programmes. Cambodia has three national agricultural schools for cooperation on training human resources,” he said.

In order for this marketing plan to succeed, Tina urged relevant working groups to have a clear understanding of the market perspective, specific strategies, trade plans and value chains from producers to markets.

Ngin Chhay, head of the ministry’s General Directorate of Agriculture, met with French officials at the Cambodian embassy in Paris on April 19 to discuss the import of fresh apples from France to Cambodia, export of fresh mangoes from Cambodia to France and strengthened cooperation between the General Directorate and its French counterpart.

Chhay said that France requested the General Directorate to disclose Cambodia's phytosanitary requirements and other necessary conditions for France to be able to export its fresh apples to the Kingdom.

As for Cambodian export to the French market, French officials explained that the agricultural produce must meet certain requirements related to pesticide residue levels and have a phytosanitary certificate with clear agreements.

Prime Minister Hun Sen gave a speech on April 20 where he mentioned his pride in the development of three key potential Cambodian export products.

“Currently, Cambodian milled rice is exported to at least 73 countries around the world. Cashew nuts are being exported to international markets, while other products such as peppercorn are becoming known around the world,” he said.