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Agrifood exports in ASEAN: Sanitary and phytosanitary measures

Publication date 29 September 2020 | 22:16 | ICT

Market access is primarily conceived in terms of the removal of tariff barriers to trade, and in that sense, ASEAN has been remarkably successful in negotiating tariffs downward over the past two decades.



  • Suga gov’t in need of new strategies

    Japan's diplomatic ability to stabilise the international order will be tested more than ever before. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has to tackle various issues with a determination to shoulder heavy responsibilities.

  • Undue external pressure, the union tactic to win

    Labour disputes occasionally happen between employer and workers/employees. The basis for settlement is the national legal and industrial relations framework available.

  • Trump, Xi trading barbs at UN won’t help solve global problems

    At a time when diplomatic activities are being restricted due to the spread of an infectious disease, it is crucial to make attempts to build international cooperation, rather than having individual nations focus on their own interests.

  • A wake-up call for US digital hegemony dreams

    On Tuesday, Facebook was reported as saying that it might quit Europe if the ban on sharing data with the US gets enforced, which became possible after a ruling by the European Court of Justice in July found “there were insufficient safeguards against snooping by US intelligence agencies”.

  • RCEP countries should explore solutions for economic growth

    The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is a coalition of 15 countries in the Asia-Pacific region with the intention to achieve trade liberty via proposed free trade agreements.

  • China’s FTZs sign of further opening-up

    China's pilot free trade zones have served as test beds for reforms and as major drivers of local economic growth since the first FTZ – the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone – was established in 2013.

  • Putin must clarify suspected poisoning of opposition leader

    Another incident has occurred in which an opponent of the administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin was taken down for an inexplicable reason.

  • UN faces challenge in holding true to its course

    “Never in modern history have we gone so many years without a military confrontation between the major powers”, UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres told the summit meeting commemorating the world body’s 75th anniversary.

  • Climate policy will not fix fire problem

    Pictures of the big fires and orange skies on the US West Coast have been published worldwide as unmistakable evidence of climate change.

  • Adult education in Cambodia: Challenges and the way forward

    Rampant sporadic civil wars and conflicts had all but brought education in Cambodia to a standstill, most notably so during the Pol Pot regime.