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How Pakistan can accelerate pace of change for women

Publication date 27 January 2020 | 21:29 | ICT

The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index 2020 is out, and the results for Pakistan are dismal. Pakistan has consistently been placed among the bottom 10 countries and this year it is ranked 151 out of 153 countries.



  • Lockdowns resolute move that needs national support

    Publication date 26 January 2020 | 21:29 | ICT

    The rapid spread of novel coronavirus has sparked fears of a global outbreak. The city of Wuhan and some of its neighbours have been put into lockdown which speaks volumes about the gravity of the situation.

  • Being Chinese-Indonesian

    Publication date 26 January 2020 | 21:27 | ICT

    Indonesia, a young nation, is not even 100 years old. Thousands of different ethnic groups living in the country have no doubts about their Indonesian identity, a recent survey indicates.

  • Strengthen quarantine

    Publication date 24 January 2020 | 14:09 | ICT

    A novel coronavirus, also known as the Wuhan pneumonia, is spreading quickly since it broke out in the city of Wuhan in China’s Hubei province in late December. There is evidence of it spreading directly from human to human.

  • China’s paradox

    Publication date 24 January 2020 | 14:06 | ICT

    A swathe of Asia showcases two faces of a demographic crisis. While population imbalance – owing to trans-border migration – is one side of the coin in South Asia, the other side is exemplified

  • China’s economic links with Myanmar

    Publication date 22 January 2020 | 22:15 | ICT

    China has concluded a large number of deals with Myanmar during the recent visit of President Xi Jinping to Myanmar, the first by a Chinese leader to that country in nearly two decades.

  • Another virus alert

    Publication date 22 January 2020 | 22:12 | ICT

    With the major New Year floods behind us, and while we expect more rains in Indonesia, the sights and sounds of sniffling and sneezing are nothing out of the ordinary.

  • Perilous moment in time

    Publication date 21 January 2020 | 21:56 | ICT

    The ‘monopoly on truth’ to justify actions has historically been on the side of Western powers in the Middle Eastern theatre.

  • Russian reformation

    Publication date 20 January 2020 | 21:05 | ICT

    Russia – of all nations – is today without a government. In his anxiety to entrench his authority further still, President Vladimir Putin has signalled his intent to effect a sweeping reshuffle of the hierarchy.

  • Call for boycott of Angkor unacceptable

    Publication date 20 January 2020 | 21:04 | ICT

    I wish to express my strong disagreement on the article published by Traveller for their website with the title Best places to go in 2020: 12 destinations you should avoid. Below is my opinion of the article.

  • Share the Care! Make the invisible care work visible

    Publication date 19 January 2020 | 21:04 | ICT

    Tha Saroeuna is the mother of six young children. Working at night is the only option for Saroeuna to ensure that they all have enough food and the children can go to school.