Let’s celebrate 30 years of prestige with Angkor Beer. In this 2022, Angkor Beer is 30 years old and has been staying with Cambodian hearts in all circumstances.

Head of core beer portfolio, EmYuthousaid, “We have been with Cambodians for three decades now. We, ANGKOR Beer, pride ourselves in being seen as the “national beer”. In this auspicious occasion, we would love to express our gratitude towards each and every one for all the great memories and milestones. Cheers to many more years to come.”

One of the greatest milestones of this year, Angkor has launched the heritage campaign focusing on the four (4) iconic Khmer symbols:

1.Krama: The tighter the threads of Krama, the stronger the bonds.

2.Chapei Dang Veng (musical instrument): Like the strings of the Chapei, we are stronger and more joyful when we are together.

3.Palm Tree: The palm trees grow tall like our strong friendships.

4.Sbek Thom (shadow puppetry): Through the shadows with the light creates our lively lives.

“Angkor Beer wants to celebrate Angkor’s accomplishment and milestone with its 30th anniversary in Cambodia – a historic milestone. It’s time to celebrate our friendships, our laughter, our gatherings, our memories, our icons, and our country. 30 Years of Prestige and still counting. 30 years in Khmer Heart and still counting,” said EmYuthou.

Drink responsibly.

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