Cambodia Startup Advisers (CSA) is set to launch its Cambodia Startup Handbook as a tool for the Kingdom’s entrepreneurs, its press release said on Friday.

Scheduled to be launched on Tuesday, the book is co-authored by Sreypeou Chaing, Junro Binang, Pheng Thea and David Haskel of the CSA professional alliance.

“Too many founders in Cambodia waste too much time figuring out basic things like setting up their companies or paying taxes,” said Haskel.

“We wanted to put all the current information in one place. This will help start-ups avoid common mistakes.”

A recent survey found that six in 10 founders say information on laws and taxation is difficult or impossible to access, according to the release.

The handbook will help entrepreneurs address these issues with chapters covering incorporation, labour law, start-up finance, tax basics and incentives, as well as a full range of topics on intellectual property.

Written in plain-English with a minimum of technical jargon, the handbook is for non-specialists and will serve as a practical reference guide for daily business.

With decades of experience in their respective fields, the four authors compiled an up-to-date analysis of the relevant laws and regulations, with current practical and expert advice, said the release.