More career-minded Cambodian women with strong leadership qualities are arriving front and centre in the corporate and public sectors – proving their mettle by holding coveted positions and helping in nation building.

Journalist Hang Samphors says an increasing number of women are contributing towards changing society and developing the economy despite the challenges they face in their careers and domestic lives.

“Women have contributed immensely to society in multiple ways, and have made significant contributions to the economy, both in small and medium enterprises and large corporations.

“Many talented women entrepreneurs are creating a lot of jobs for people, helping to reduce poverty and the migration of workers to neighbouring countries,” said Samphors.

Cambodian women’s participation is visible in all spheres – education, e-commerce, banking and finance, civil society and the civil service. With better education and growing opportunities, they continue to monopolise jobs that were once dominated by males.

“Women have diverse capacities, have high levels of endurance, are gentle and they are flexible. I want to see more women become leaders in all fields, especially in leading the nation at all levels.

“And I believe if there are more women leaders making decisions, our country will develop faster because women are balanced in all aspects – truthful, honest and loving,” Samphors said.

Growing female empowerment in the Kingdom is giving women ample opportunities, yet they can be saddled with a myriad obstacles that can stifle career success, she says.

“There is a lack of social support – while we often hear slogans in the media supporting women and urging women to become leaders and decision makers, we still lack the practical mechanisms to allow them to excel.

“They also lack support from family or are bogged down with family responsibilities. Some families do not wish to see the women become top leaders as they feel they will face a lot of problems and will not have time for their spouse and children, while some women lack self-confidence and are afraid of failure.

“There are few women in the National Assembly and the judiciary, and few women politicians as well. In the media and NGOs, we see women leaders are not that many either,” said Samphors.

Women, she says, should be given more leadership roles in politics and the corporate sector as many have proven their capabilities in senior positions.

“There are many women entrepreneurs and they are confident and competent in making good decisions.

“I believe it will be more fruitful and will have a positive impact on companies, citizens and society when there are more professional women in decision-making roles.

“This will also motivate the younger generation of women to expand their knowledge to achieve more leadership roles.

“For example, the banking sector is booming and a large number of women are working in this sector and contributing to the economy,” said Samphors.