The Ministry of Commerce has invited traders, businesspeople, importers and interested members of the public to register for the 17th Fashion Jewellery Expo of India to gain a chance to learn more about Indian handicrafts and arts.

The event will be held by the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) from June 26-28 at the Expo Centre in Noida, a satellite city of New Delhi, India. About 250 Indian companies from all regions will attend the event, according to a ministry announcement.

“This expo will offer traders the opportunity to learn about India's greatest handicrafts and art, with modern design,” the notice said.

The ministry noted that Indian jewellery fashion reflects the rich heritage of traditional Indian arts, combined with modern creative design.

This expo programme will be specifically tailored to qualified buyers, who will receive complimentary round-trip airfares and accommodation in New Delhi.