The demand for meat in the Cambodian market is on the rise due to a growing population, a factor making the Kingdom’s pig farming sector a major industry.

To meet this growing demand, CP Cambodia is providing opportunities for partners interested in raising swine with the company to increase domestic supply and reduce imports, with pigs currently in high demand and costly.

The swine business – which CP has been operating in the Kingdom with rapid growth since 1999 – is one of its core operations to meet the needs of the Cambodian market.

With its vision of being the “Kitchen of the World”, Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) – the agro-industrial and food conglomerate headquartered in Thailand – has been investing in Cambodia under the name “CP Cambodia Co, Ltd” since 1996.

Damnoen Langrabum, CP Cambodia’s vice-president for swine business, said the company is highly committed to expanding its pig operations in the Kingdom and providing further partnership opportunities.

“With food consumption needs increasing, farming – particularly the swine business – has to be developed according to the trends.

“The strategies to increase pig production concern improving breeding, feed management, farm management and sustainability,” said Damnoen.

Improved Breed

The selection of breeds is very important. CP has a number of consultants on breed improvement to produce pigs that are healthy, grow fast, allow for high production, are resistant to disease, are of good quality and ensure high yields.

Feed and water management

Animal feed is also a key to success. Animal husbandry concerns include having a trusted source of origin, the feeding programme and the nutrition at each stage of life, with additional supplements in special cases.

Farm Management and sustainability

Good management increases efficiency and reduces production losses.

Management issues to address are the vaccination programme, biosecurity management, having an evaporative cooling system, the health monitoring programme and environmental management.

CP Cambodia’s Damnoen Langrabum.

CP farmers are assigned a veterinarian as a consultant.

Swine business partners in Takeo province say they have confidence in CP because of its strong reputation and years of experience in the Cambodian livestock sector.

The company brings skills and techniques in raising pigs that ensure the highest quality and greatest yields, while partnering with CP offers the chance to spend less capital and generate high revenue.

CP Cambodia’s partners receive assistance from its staff and veterinarians, with consultations on breeding and marketing techniques, with it supplying its partners a wide range of services related to breeding, feed and medicine.

CP Cambodia is providing opportunities for partners interested in raising swine with the company to increase domestic supply. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Conditions for a pig business partnership with CP

• A suitable location (not in built-up areas, with easy access for transporting feed and animals), with sufficient water and electricity supply.

• Permanent management of the assets the company provides, with a suitable workforce to take care of farming.

• Equipment used to raise pigs can be bought or loaned from the company.

• Relevant documents (ID card, family book, bank details, etc.)

• Create company name (CV code).

Benefits for CP partners

• The company provides breed, feed, medicine and vaccines.

• The company has veterinary agents to give advice on the best breeding techniques.

• The company has technicians to assist with the construction of enclosures.

• The company will find markets.

• Farmers receive good income.

CP Cambodia Co., Ltd. works under three main categories – “feed, farm and food”, with the distribution of its products, both wholesale and retail, centred on social and environmental responsibility.

For more information, please contact 012 308 417 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, visit the CP Cambodia Facebook page or the nearest branch.