The government issued a June 22 sub-decree which established the General Department of Digital Economy under the Ministry of Economy and Finance, with the aim to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the Kingdom’s digital management and development.

Issued by Prime Minister Hun Sen, the sub-decree has three chapters and 10 articles, which set out the mission, duties, responsibility and structure of the department.

“The General Department of Digital Economy will be administered by the finance ministry. Its mission is to lead, manage, and develop the digital economy in Cambodia, based on market economy principles and social equity, in line with current policies, strategies, planning, laws, and legal provisions,” said the sub-decree.

The department is tasked with preparing and implementing policies, strategies, plan, and programmes related to the digital economy, and will participate in the preparation and enforcement of legal standards related to the digital economy.

The department will also be involved in research, analysis, follow-up, and evaluation of developments and trends of regional and global digital economies, as well as several other tasks.

It will be comprised of three departments: the general affairs department, the digital economy infrastructure department, and the digital economy programme department.

Minister of Post and Telecommunications Chea Vandeth is currently pushing digital development through various programmes, including digital talent competitions. He recently announced that commune halls and schools throughout the country would soon receive internet connections.