Local and Singaporean investors have teamed up to develop ePOS – Go Digital, a modern digital business-focused app that allows local enterprises to market their products to a wider local, regional and global audience, and tap into the burgeoning online shopping space.

Developed by Phnom Penh-based Riich Me Co Ltd – an affiliate of Singapore headquartered Riich Me Pte Ltd – and officially launched on September 10 after a preliminary release, the app aims to provide today’s e-business owners with management solutions for a new generation of sales systems to improve purchases, including the QR- (quick response) code-powered ePOSQR service that enables users to sell both online and offline.

Speaking during the launch ceremony, Prum Pheaktra, CEO of ePOS Go Digital Co Ltd, the app’s associated company based in Phnom Penh, commented that the emergence and wider use of technologies has had a significant impact on daily life, education and business practices.

Covid-19 taught many vital lessons as enterprises suffered, especially family-based ones – that without an adequate set of standards, management systems or technologies to drive sales or other operations, businesses are at higher risk of being shut down by unforeseen circumstances, she said.

Pheaktra commented that the app’s launch was motivated by the ongoing challenges confronting local business owners as a result of Covid, inflation tied to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and other global political and economic crises. She said the platform aims to inspire family businesses to adopt a digital management system that will allow growth and development.

She said ePOS Go Digital would team up with Riich Me Pte Ltd “to develop business management technology and modernisation solutions that are tailored to the Cambodian context and are easy to operate with a convenient smartphone app for small business owners, especially those with limited technical know-how”.

The app can be used to boost sales, develop businesses and increase household incomes, Pheaktra reiterated.

Also speaking at the launch, Riich Me Pte Ltd CEO Kerry Leng lauded the app as an effective, intuitive and comprehensive sales management system that can be used by the less technologically literate.

Through the app, business owners can manage online and offline sales, inventory and debt, monitor daily sales reports and automated sales promotion systems on smart devices.

Meanwhile, as of August 9, at least 135 companies had registered with government-hosted e-marketplace CambodiaTrade since its soft-launch last September, and displayed more than 1,200 products worldwide since the platform’s official launch on March 31, according to Ministry of Commerce secretary of state Tek Reth Kamrong.