Tax season is here, and the General Department of Taxation (GDT) is calling on businesses to meet the March 31 deadline to file taxes on income (ToI) for fiscal year 2022, or risk paying fines.

The call was made in Notification No 5735 GDT dated February 16 and endorsed by the department’s director-general Kong Vibol.

“Enterprises shall file their annual income tax returns via Tol E-filing – Tax on Income Electronic Filing – … and follow the detailed steps as per Instruction No 3140 GDT dated 18 February 2021,” an unofficial translation of the notification said.

The ToI E-filing system can be accessed at

“Enterprises that are allowed to use a taxable year which is different from the calendar year shall file their tax returns and pay their annual income taxes within three months after the end of the tax year,” the document said.

“Enterprises that have branches are required to file their annual income tax returns using their consolidated revenues from their principal establishments and all their branches. They shall attach the list of their revenue and expense accounts and the list of their fixed assets from their respective branches by keying in ‘local branch section’ as indicated in the system.

“Employees of enterprises or tax agents who are in charge of doing the filing of the monthly and annual tax returns on behalf of their employers or taxpayers are required to upload their staff ID or authorisation letters respectively into the system.

“All enterprises that are filing and paying their 2022 annual income taxes are required to upload their balance sheets, profits and loss accounts and other additional information – if any.

“Should there be any doubts or inquiries, please contact the Taxpayer Service Bureau of the Department of Large Taxpayers, Tax Branches or call to hotline Call Center 1277 as well as GDT Live Chat which can be downloaded from App Store for iOS or Play Store for Android.

“The [GDT] strongly hopes and believes that directors, managers, or owners of all enterprises will pay their full attention in the fulfilment of their obligation in the filing of their annual income tax returns and the payment of their due taxes in accordance with the law and regulations,” it added.