The Battambang Provincial Administration has expressed its commitment to assist and provide information to investors in the province across all sectors.

Governor Sok Lou made the pledge during his meeting with British ambassador to Cambodia Dominic Williams on March 13.

Lou said Battambang is a province with a rich history in the northwest part of the country and a population of approximately 1.3 million people. Battambang is among four northwestern provinces that have recently been defined by the government as the Kingdom’s fourth economic pole – geographical areas of concentrated economic activity – and part of the “Fish and Rice Corridor” for its agriculture potential and its natural beauty and attractive resorts.

He said the provincial administration expects to attract more tourists and investors.

But the governor noted that although Battambang has a lot of potential, currently the agricultural products in the province lack local processing.

“Battambang needs investors involved in the processing of many agricultural products, such as corn and mangos, for domestic supply and export. In the future, the province will have many roads connecting to key provinces and to the many major international border checkpoints,” he said.

William said he met with the provincial administration to discuss important opportunities and challenges in the region and to exchange views and discuss the progress of future cooperation.

At the meeting, the governor requested that the British ambassador promote the potential of Battambang to the people of the UK to attract investors to the province.

As of end-2022, the provincial administration had received applications for 165 investment projects. The administration gave licences to 154 projects with a total investment capital of $22 million.