METFONE – Cambodia’s leading telecommunications and digital technology company – was on Wednesday named the Grand Globee Winner by the Globee Awards, the world’s premier business awards programme and business ranking list.

Metfone CEO Phung Van Cuong said the company was awarded the Grand Globee Winners Awards at the eighth annual 2021 International Best in Business Awards.

Metfone is among the five companies named as Grand Globee Winners of the Grand Globee International Best in Business Awards. The others were Viettel Cambodia Pte Ltd, Turkish bank Halkbank, IBM, Makers Nutrition and Pan American Energy.

The awards cover the digital technology field that includes digital services and digital content. And Metfone was awarded gold prizes for the following:

1. CamID: Best Entertainment Application of the Year;

2. School Information System: Best IT Solution for Business of the Year;

3. Path of Dharma Series: Best Education and Training Product of the Year.

“These prestigious awards affirm Metfone’s leading position and strong commitment in the pioneering mission of creating a digital society in Cambodia. We are extremely grateful to our valued customers, our employees and our partners for making this happen,” said Van Cuong.

CamID is a new all-in-one app that hails as a digital passport for all entertainment and essential online services for mobile phone users. CamID provides a convenient digital hub for users – including cross-network – by combining all the special features of MyMetfone, Mocha App and the cinema service into a single app.

The School Information System is a tool that Metfone developed by working closely with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. It has been implemented to help manage work in some 3,000 schools across the Kingdom.

The Path of Dharma is part of Metfone’s CSR initiatives in instilling values and motivating Cambodians to follow the Buddha’s teachings and carry out good deeds. Stories narrated in the “Path of Dharma” video series are based on the life of the Buddha.

With Buddhism the Kingdom’s main religion, The Path of Dharma helps inspire good deeds in people’s daily lives.

The Globee Awards are conferred in 11 programmes and competitions including the CEO World Awards; Consumer World Awards; Customer Sales & Service World Awards; Globee International Best in Business Awards, the Golden Bridge Awards; Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards; and Security World Awards.

They are also bestowed at the IT World Awards; One Planet American Best in Business Awards; Globee Employer Excellence Awards; the Globee Corporate Communications & Marketing World Awards; and the Women World Awards.